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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Land use in Ramsey. Especially including City land. Fallow or somehow productive of tax base growth and jobs.

Eric Hagen of ABC Newspapers, online here, writing in part:

Old municipal center site

Since residents packed the council chambers this summer to voice their opinions on a potential data center development at the old municipal center site at the southeast corner of Nowthen Boulevard and Alpine Drive, the council has appointed 16 people to a study group that will evaluate all options over the course of four to six meetings from November to January that would be open to the public.

“Although a study group consisting of seven to 10 participants would be an ideal size for the proposed process, staff believes 16 participants is manageable and will still be productive,” Brama said.

Brama and Gladhill will facilitate the meeting, but the 13 residents who mostly live near the site would set the agenda. A councilmember, planning commissioner and economic development authority member would also be part of the 16-member study group.

Neighbors have said they prefer more residential development and not a data center, but Brama said that was to be expected because change is difficult. While a data center may end up not being the best solution, the study group will be asked to objectively look at the facts and not just immediately discount it, he said.

“The purpose of the study group is to consider under what circumstances would a data center development be an appropriate land use,” Brama said.

167th/St. Francis Boulevard

The city has been evaluating options for redevelopment in this area since 2004, according to Gladhill, who said the city is reviewing acceptable land use and zoning changes as well as the feasibility of future sewer line extensions, but stressed there is much more research to be done and the city’s policy has been to encourage development by working with current property owners to identify appropriate future land uses and zoning designations.

That is only a part. Read the entire item, again, here.

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