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Friday, June 16, 2017

Looking again at Flaherty and Collins. All appearances is they succeeded in their Ramsey rental venture, have completed another Minnesota building, and are active in many places nationwide but concentrated away from the coasts.

Mainly links without commentary. In Ramsey the project by the Northstar Commuter Rail and BNSF tracks rented near full capacity quickly and appears to still be prosperous. Despite skepticism here, it seems to have worked out positively - at least short term.

First, two current online Strib items about housing sales, and apartments. Seemingly a seller's market, each. Demand higher than supply.

Starting with the Flaherty completed Twin Cities metro area second venture, 2700 University, in St. Paul, links here, here and here. FC portfolio page. FC news page. FC page re its Ramsey venture. While the Ramsey project was being planned and built a parallel and larger project was active in the Chicago burbs; this current FC page. Back during that project's beginnings there was local skepticism, but as with Ramsey, for the short-term FC came out on top, presumably meeting the firm's full expectations. Closing, a general FC news item. An example of a pending possible-to-likely project, this in Ohio, here.

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