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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Going to DC: Jason Lewis and Donald Trump. Please, not Mills III too. Please Donald, live out your term.

Bernie would have won.

With coat tails down ticket.

Holding onto the party reins by the likes of Goldman Sachs was more important to too many over running the best and most honest Dem candidate. The superdelegate party insiders got exactly what they deserved. Defeat. The spoils to the Republicans, for running an ass. We can only hope it Berns. Big time. Elizabeth Warren would have had a good chance to be the first female president, one with a conscience.

Now those two spouses should retire to their Foundation and take their troublesome daughter and Greek hedge fund promoter son-in-law with them, into final, permanent, well-heeled but unending oblivion.

The superdelegate laden DNC braintrust took an entire downticket loss with her, they did. (Likely Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept her Florida House seat. Somebody can go and look it up. Somebody else.)

Podesta is a winner too. Just with a public/private email SNAFU is all.

And now that awful Pence, a heartbeat away. Long live Trump. (At least surviving his term in office.)

PARIAH WATCH: A friend forwarded a DWS too-sweet email - an after-the-debacle missive from a key engineere of the very problem that puzzles her; a pariah that seems to not ever be going away (like india ink or a bloodstain on your favorite shirt):

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 9:46 AM
Subject: hard to believe
To: ------privacy respected-------

We have reached a moment for which we were not prepared nor expecting. I am sure you feel as bereft as I do right now. We all wanted this presidency so badly for our country, for our future, for our children, family members and people we know, love and cherish.

But it was not to be.

And now, although this is fresh pain and as Hillary said, we will feel it for a long time, we know what we have to do.

We. Must. Fight.

Whatever challenges come our way, I promise you that I will continue to fight hard to protect the families of South Florida. I’m going to need you by my side.

Before that hard work begins, I want to say once again, thank you!

With your help and unwavering support, I will continue serving my South Florida constituents in Washington. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything you’ve done.

So much could be said. Everyone on the planet knew from the time you and cohorts, Debbie, used Bernie as if an enemy, instead of one who might have prevented bad judgment by a gender-biased moron - with apologies in advance to all morons, I had to use a word for DWS, it was there, and morons of the world, sorry for the insult.

This DNC saboteur says, "I never expected ..." when even a deaf, dumb and blind pinball player would have said early, "Debbie don't." She did. It sucked. It gave Trump - not the GOP who in large measure left him hanging - but Trump alone, the spoils.

Great job Debbie. We are so enthralled that through it all your seat and paycheck survived while you unleashed havoc by being gender biased, and hateful toward progressiveness.

Now, please, Debbie. Shut up. Go away. You are a pariah to a vast portion of the nation's citizens.

A cynic might say "work together" thoughts instead of "Must Fight" rhetoric would make the lady less like Paul Ryan, but it's beyond her capacity. And beyond her will. She IS and WANTS TO BE the Paul Ryan of the second-place party.

In the way and won't move. With a cadre of cohorts. None of which have anything "super" about them, having only rigged their system toward clearly apparent failure, going to bat with a crook, over gender.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Warren campaigned for the crooked bitch..Sanders and Warren are both multi million airs.. when are you going to give up the fantasy? dumb shit.

eric zaetsch said...

Fine, Anon. Tulsi Gabhard. Took a hike from the DNC and its DWS-led approach to things.

No corrupting fortune, a war veteran, bright, hard working. What more could civilized people want in a leader? Wait - honest. Honest to a fault. No Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, just honest policy based on good sense, decency, and human compassion.