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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Eight years later, what's the verdict? Is this a lesson-message for Trump boosters in anticipation?

And, however you read those tea leaves, we nonetheless have to trust and place hope in Ellison, for now, for DNC leadership. Then see who, if Ellison succeeds, he is surrounded by, and such.

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Nobody's big surprise. It should gall all progressives. Yet more of the DWS mentality at play - top down, after all DWS happened on the Obama watch. Entrenched party recognition factor: They'd rather lose with schlock and compromised mediocrity {love of Goldman included - can you say Geithner) than win with better people - a bothering Obama legacy. Like the half-baked healthcare garbage that came out of Hope, Change, and other postures.

FURTHER: No, please, not Joe from DuPont. Nor his henchmen henchpersons. The NYT item noted:

Mr. Obama’s advisers, some of whom discussed the party leadership race at a White House meeting last week, have talked about whether Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan would be willing to run for the post. Mr. Perez met with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. last week and had lunch Tuesday in the White House Mess with Valerie Jarrett, Mr. Obama’s senior adviser, while also visiting with David Simas, Mr. Obama’s political director.

Some in Mr. Obama’s circle were even holding out hope that Mr. Biden himself could be persuaded to step into the chairmanship as a unifying force for a party reeling after losing the presidency and making scant gains in the House and Senate.

But Mr. Biden’s office said Tuesday that he was “not interested in being D.N.C. chair,” though he plans to “remain deeply involved in helping shape the direction of the Democratic Party moving forward.”

Don't these folks have anything like an upward sloping learning curve? Flat liners lost, Trump won, so the flat-line learning curve crowd has seen its best chance be not good enough.

Step aside. Time for, no bullshit this time but actual reactive -


Dumping superdelegate mischief is step one. Those wanting to convene should run to convene. As to who "superdelegates" are -- They, this last cycle, were reactionary problems;, not super in any fashion, even if allowed a free pass to convene as delegates.

Mop the mess.

Let Keith do it. He's equal to the task, and wants responsibility and authority for doing that job.

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