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Friday, May 29, 2015

MinnPost reports on Carly Fiorina and hopes within a Minnesota GOP women's group that she makes the top ten cut.

Here, and it speaks for itself. No excerpt. If holding the opening GOP "debate" format to only the top ten in poll ranking will result in Kasich not making the cut, then Fiorina also not making the cut would be a quite small price to pay for such a compelling benefit. Present indications are there will be comedy enough.

WaPo has an embeddable tote board, but Crabgrass will not embed.

READERS: Ask Andy or Gary or to do it. It is their greyhound race, not mine.

UPDATE: Isn't it great to see how active Bachmann and Palin are in forwarding and fostering the hopes and chances of Fiorina; thereby helping advance the role and status of female GOP candidates in general. Sarah and Michele deserve due commendation for all the well-publicized help each has given Fiorina's candidacy. Mainstream media is awash in news of their role.

FURTHER UPDATE: The GOP is missing the boat. This "debate" multitude, and winnowing as they do based on polls is flawed.

Do it tournament style. Use polls to get a Sweet Sixteen. Then pair them up, win or go home. An Elite Eight, Final Four, etc.

It would get bigger ratings that way. March Madness is a proven commodity.

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