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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Strib has an online item about noisy restaurants, a turn-off for some.

I wonder how the Acapulco chain restaurants are doing these days.

Strib item, here.

I recall the one Acapulco restaurant years ago on Coon Rapids Blvd, back when the food was good and the serving staff seemed predominantly Mexican. The place had a now-lost ambiance and appeal.

And the food was really good, back then, there.

Before trendy times took over.

The food then was exceptional. Requirement numero uno.

Below a screen capture from Google+, of the service's most recent reviews received, re the Acapulco in Ramsey Town Center; none mentioning noise level:

click image to enlarge and read - this link to explore things

Developers are Crabgrass readers who use Google+ and have had recent dining experiences at the Town Center Acapulco outlet are urged to take a moment to post more current reviews of the place's status quo - including noise level as whether adding charm or annoyance - or as a non-factor in the dining experience. And, food/service?


Remember the days -- promise of high quality dining and shopping, "nice shops and restaurants" being the promotional buzzterm used by promotional propaganda from people involved there, that outcome -- if only the Town Center dream were to be launched in Ramsey ...

Reader comment of whether that's panned out as promised or not is welcome.

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