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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jim Abeler - Why his running for Senator, with less a chance of being in the general election than others, appears to be a stroke of genius.

Candidates for one office by tradition and for good reason, do not endorse other candidates running for other offices.

Presuming Abeler had enough with being in the Minnesota House since initial statehood, (or it seems that long), and, coincidently after one Theo-Tea primary challenge that has to have galled, Abeler might simply have announced retirement and not started what seems an ill-advised and under-funded run to oppose Franken.

Looked at from the standpoint that he's not going to be pressed to endorse any Republican primary contestant over another, particularly in the race he nominally is contesting, a big-time headache is avoided and later he can lukewarmly embrace primary winners of the GOP primary, the proper GOP posture for him to have as a long-time Republican, once names are set for going into the general election later this year.

He's left alone. Brilliant. Can you imagine his wrestling otherwise if pressed at this point to endorse Abigale Whelan?

Smart move, Jim.

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