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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dan Burns at MPP posts about legislative district 35A, mentioning Peter Perovich as the DFL endorsed candidate.

This link. (Interesting image included.) One wonders, whether either Justin Boals or Abigale Whelan, if losing in a GOP primary, would go to the general election as a write-in candidate. It is conceivable. (Apology to Boals, and to ABC Newspapers, for omitting this link from earlier House District 35A Crabgrass posting, here. There was a quote from the Boals reporting item ABC had posted, but the link itself was inadvertently omitted.)

If any reader is aware of whether debate between Boals and Whelan is contemplated or has been scheduled, a comment giving information would be greatly appreciated. While both are seeking office via the GOP, there likely are policy differences voters on the GOP primary ballot side might want to know, to become informed vs channeled voters.

Burns' post terms 35A an R+6 district, which was not a clear term to me until I followed his link - hPVI meaning, as I read things, a state house Partisan Voting Index. appears to be another politically oriented site readers might want to bookmark. has a subpage link on its main opening menu bar, re sulfide mining.

As with any politically motivated website, readers must understand they are accessing opinion/editorial content more than direct objectively-impartial reporting of news. Take things with a grain of salt (and you also can put salt on Crabgrass to contain its spread).

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