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Saturday, April 12, 2014

ANOKA COUNTY - Accountability. Who hired this person? Who approved her expense accounts?

Read the story of a court administrator that seems to have done what James Norman did in Albert Lea. But without the follow-up prosecution.

Paul Levy, Strib, April 10, this link.

"Hired in 2011," with "Michael Moriarty, Schlieper’s supervisor."

It is taxpayer money, and that pack of Republicans now in power on the County Board postures as if caring for taxpayer plight.

So, who hired?

The Courts have a degree of independence from the remainder of the county, budgeting detail is unclear to me, but this kind of abuse of office by a public employee paid a hundred grand salary - something not the norm in the private sector where many work minimum wage - it is unforgivable. And no prosecution? Insufficient evidence? The story reads as if the evidence was there but the will to prosecute was absent.

What's up? The public deserves to know. There was likely dereliction of duty, in supervision, for it to run 2011 to the present without that door being slammed shut tightly and promptly, earlier than now. Taxpayers deserve better attention to public dollars. There are no two ways about that.

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