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Friday, November 15, 2013

Archbishop Nienstedt losing support.

Strib reporting, this link. If Nienstedt is replaced, Francis and not Ratzinger would make the appointment. It might be an act of enlightenment, if it ever happens. Nienstedt's policy positions are what rankle most, not his blind eye to clergy abuse of young boys. Yet given Strib's present focus upon Catholic issues, Nienstedt hanging around seems to embarrass the church more and more as time passes, especially on the abuse of young boys issue. That IS Strib's hot-button-for-a-change issue.

Bigger question -- Is Nienstedt staying good or bad, for the Roman Church, in Minnesota; and who besides Francis is tasked to judge that? Are there review boards and such within Rome's hierarchy? Is is official, or wholly behind closed doors power-broker factional decision making? Strib does not address that consideration in reporting. Strib stays focused locally, not on the process of review and change within the Church's inner ranks and powerful persons. That latter consideration is more interesting but harder to reach in fact-finding previous to having something to report. It is especially difficult to unravel without reporters on staff based in Europe and the Vatican, something news agencies are avoiding as a cost-consciousness measure.

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