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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Drazkowski deserves a dunk in a cucking stool. [UPDATED]

There was a blog a time ago, "the Cucking Stool," [source of the image].

This Cucking Stool link notes use of same, for "Common scolds."

Given what Drazkowski has been up to recently, wtf is Drazkowski, if not a common scold? Indeed, to get more common than Drazkowski you'd need to look to the current Oval Office Occupant.

Draz could use the advice of a "decent lawyer," in the sense:

I once worked at the firm where Elihu Root spent his last days of practice, and there his legend was passed down from one generation to the next. And part of it consisted of Root’s admonition to a young lawyer. Your first job is to uphold the law, he said. “About half of the practice of a decent lawyer is telling would-be clients that they are damned fools and should stop.” Elihu Root was a proud Republican, of course, an iconic figure of the last glory days of the party.

[italics added] Opinions can differ, which makes America Great okay still; despite Twitter-monger trash talkers.

As to "damned fool and should stop," is Drazkowski wrongly commingling funds? Somebody with knowledge of Campaign Finance Board standards and practice might ask, or initiate an inquiry there via filing a formal complaint, whereas I currently lack such skills.

However, here is the evidence, primarily by screen capture images, click each to enlarge to read - for any who care:

First a few links, Draz using Alpha News to promote his "petition" alleging criminal perjury against the member of Congress.

Drazkowski also called upon Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman or Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to bring perjury charges against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for each of the false statements she made in her sworn statement.

“If judges do not punish blatant perjury in a case where another person is left helpless before the law, then public confidence in the Hennepin County Judges and the courts is neither justified nor enduring,” Drazkowski asserted.

The penalty for each perjury county is up to five years in Minnesota.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski has been waging a battle in Minnesota against Ilhan Omar’s corruption in attempts to hold her accountable with efforts such as growing the citizen petition

Strib noting the backbencher gaining national TV attention.

In Drazkowski’s telling, he’s just a guy from the sticks, raised on a farm. “If we did well,” he said, “we got supper.”

But the end of his story — an appearance on the nation’s most watched cable news network to criticize U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar — reflects his growing national profile as a leading opponent of the liberal Minnesota congresswoman, a member of the “squad,” all women of color, who have been in a summerlong public feud with President Donald Trump.

The website which Alpha News promoted in its item alleges attaining "58,004 SIGNATURES" of a target 75,000 at the time last accessed by Crabgrass, and ends with a lengthy set of tweets about others propagating recognition of the site.

THINGS GET DICEY where that website includes a DONATE page where, barely legible as if intended that way, the page has a footer, "Prepared and paid for by the Drazkowski Volunteer Committee, 1646 Cherry St. E, Mazeppa, MN 55956" -- this image:

NEXT - Promoting his reelection to the Minnesota Legislature, Candidate Drazkowski has published a promotional website with identical footer language - this image, partially highlighted:

Big as life and twice as telling, that page, near the footer, boldly solicits,

Contribute to Steve’s Campaign

The spending limit for Minnesota House races is $60,000. Winning this race will require that we raise the funds necessary to get our message out. Success in raising those funds depends on the help of good people like you!

(There is only one way to read that, Candidate Drazkowski is cognizant of contribution limits, in ways he does not mention on the anti-Omar site, where each reference his campaign committee as registered with the CFB as the presumable money sink for money contributed one way, or the other.)

NEXT: Two Campaign Finance Board pages show Drazkowski appears to have only one registered committee identified as Number: 16623 (registered 7/2/2007, and still an active registration):

[If there is a second, separately numbered registration, it was not found under reasonable search duration. Likewise, linking from one of those pages gives committee details, where readers can note the address for the reelection campaign tracks the two earlier referenced footers, perhaps Draz's home, with him noted as the candidate, and hence responsible for the candidacy, even if claiming error by subordinates.]

Again, I do not know the answer to the question of wrongful commingling of funds. But I have posed the question. Moreover, if not an actionable breach of campaign law, what about the ethics of raising money into a legislative campaign coffer, via a possible public slander (if any statements are untrue and defamatory) of a member of Congress and possible slander of a consultancy serving that member?

That being by a backbencher in the State Legislature using his ways and means to gain nationwide TV notoriety?

Weighing that conduct raises a moral judgment, a questioning of individual ethics, which each reader can make for his/her self. '

BOTTOM LINE: Going national with such a ways and means of generating cashflow into a campaign treasure chest seems to be at or near the edge.

Way to go, Draz.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
If launching a nationwide, indeed international effort to generate cash flow and notoriety on a widespread basis, would an FEC issue-based filing be required; and in that direction is an IRS filing of some kind required to not be taxed on funds that petition trash generates? Cashing in on Islamophobia or Omarophobia in any event seems tacky, taxed or not. Opinions can differ, but the facts are what need attention.

____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Is it that Draz wants Angie Craig's Congressional paycheck and benefits package? If running in CD3 he'd have to explain tariff issues to the farmers there. There were a few For Sale signs showing up on cropland on both sides of the main road separating City of Ramsey from City of Nowthen, so from that it seems the Draz had best have a crackerjack tariffs explanation written out for him by consultants. Sorensen has a post suggesting the man himself runs on a low wattage lightbulb.