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Friday, November 27, 2015

Woofing an opinion, so how can it be a falsehood, when only an opinion? A smokescreen, now that's more like it.

Taxpayer League Chairman Harold Hamilton, per his dog persona, has recently written:

If it wasn’t obvious to you on September 11, 2001, it should be painfully obvious to you now that there is a war raging, a war against radical Islam.

It is the defining issue of our generation and will occupy the efforts of serious world leaders for the foreseeable future, primarily for two reasons.

First, this not a war between America and radical Islam. It isn’t a war between the West and radical Islam. It is nothing short of a war between all of the civilized world and radical Islam.

This is because radical Islam seeks nothing short of the tyrannical goal of imposing an Islamic caliphate on the entire world. It is nothing short of seeking to convert all non-believers - or kill them like animals.

Second, the methodology and modus operandi of these terrorists is nothing short of shocking brutality and pure evil.

The leaders of this movement and their adherents are the ideological successors to Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, and Stalin.

They kill, torture, rape, brutalize, and maim on a grand scale with absolutely no regard for the value of human life or any display of human decency.

The threat is real and it the threat applies to civilization itself.

The war will require the skilled and courageous leadership of America and her allies to assemble a Grand Coalition to prosecute the war and see it to a successful conclusion.

Just say no, to smokescreening.
(Or wag your tongue at it.)
The "defining issues" I see have nothing to do with warmongering and instead are: [1] corruption of the election process by moneyed interests, per Citizens United, including their hatred of sunshine on themselves [2] rapidly growing income and wealth disparity between the 1% and everyone else, and [3] a minnimum wage that is insufficient for a full time 40hr per week, 2000hr per year, worker to support a family with fifteen dollars per hour being a reasonable change, given the shrinking value of today's dollar.

None of that has to do with events in Syria. Each has to do with advantage of the wealthy, people like Woofer Watchdog Hamilton, in having destroyed the balance of one person's vote really mattering, and in liking and intending the "wealth rules" status quo to continue unabated, unreformed and even unrecognized but by the smarter dogs.

So, look over there, them Syrian ISIL folks. Horrible. Meanwhile -- Nothing to see here ... It is those bad guys speaking Arabic, over there, worry about all that. Trust me, civilization is at risk.

Give me a break. Somebody's "defining issue" sure looks like a smokescreen to me. The defining issue of my times is ordinary people getting screwed big time while being intentionally misled by diversionary tactics of the Karl Roves of the world and their fellow-traveling canines. Chew on that bone.

Notice: The timestamp of this item was altered by three hours because another post of greater importance should be top blog item.

Some things, when not showing up within mainstream media, can fall through the cracks. The woofer's tax arm-and-hammer's litigation did reach en banc Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued majority opinion, with no indication found indicating whether certiorari was sought, granted, or denied.

Presently, related litigation also in the federal Eighth Circuit has followed, while Crabgrass knows of no other Circuit addressing the will to hide behind an Iron Curtain of non-disclosure; see, e.g., online links here and here.

Readers knowing of parallel litigation results in other circuits are urged to submit a comment.

BOTTOM LINE: What do they have to hide? Hiding who is behind what seems the crux of the will to impose an Iron Curtain. But cases can be read differently by different people. If opinions of law were not subject to such diverse reading, and to evolution over time, there'd be no cause for litigating issues. All would be frozen in glass, with movement and alteration impossible.

Who pays the piper to play a tune seems to be a public interest thing. Stripped to that essential, the public's right and interest to know seems inherent, especially regarding money spent to influence politics.

If you really think otherwise take an IQ test.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that the rise of ISIL is do to global warming. If you do not believe that you better take a IQ test!

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass

eric zaetsch said...

I like the second comment better. Every word is spelled correctly.