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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Please Minneapolis. Deny a permit. That thing is so awfully ugly, tacky, that Flaherty would be ashamed to propose it. STUPID UGLY.

Read all about it, Strib, here. Source of the image.

RipBang Studios, a California-based division of the Minneapolis design firm Nelson, everyone there including temps and others should be hanging their heads in shame over proposing such a monstrously ugly thing. Ditto the Viking's front office brains who said, "Yes, I like it."

Does all of Zygi's stuff look that bad? It is a super eyesore. Like if Zygi were to wear a battery powered purple tie that flashes on and off every time the team scores a touchdown.

An eighty foot tall neon decorated statue of Zygi would be less an eyesore than that plastic fantastic pseudoship.

UPDATE: From the Strib item:

[...] the ship will incorporate stainless steel, stone, concrete and wood. Trees will surround the ship, which will also have theatrical lighting, sound and smoke effects.

Okay, not plastic fantastic. More from Strib's item:

Minnesota Sports Facilities Administration chair Michele Kelm-Helgen said the structure will be a “distinct monument” and “unlike anything we’ve previously seen with stadiums around the country.”

Um -- yeah, okay, one could say that. The closest thing to being that tacky is the Oral Roberts University gigantic praying hands. But only if they were retofitted to hold an LED screen.

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