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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lunch money debt, a burning issue, gets privatized into the hands of debt collection agents.

Privitization that generates Gipper nostalgia - you know it would have warmed his heart and entered into his communications, were he still with us to voice his thoughts and hopes.

Lunch money, unpaid: The Daily Meal reports:

The children were fed, half the contract's been performed, so pay up. After turning to a debt collection firm, What next? Conciliation court filings? Withhold the student's diploma and transcript access in applying for jobs or college, until every lunch money penny's been squeezed, via the proud face and hands of privatization?

What kind of a school district would institute such an arguably Draconian measure? Where would they have gotten the idea? What is the teaching value of the lunch money squeeze, and isn't that value elusive because of how different community members might set goals of  "teaching an education" with an aim to prepare the young for entry into the dog eat dog rat race - real world.

Does the lunch money squeeze idea have any such perverse "teaching value," and should it? Or is it in one way or another too wrong a step that should be halted? Too raw?

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