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Monday, December 15, 2014

NFLPA v. NFL, a lawsuit over the Peterson suspension/arbitration, filed in federal court, Minneapolis.

What do you think?

After a bit of web searching, I have to admit to being unable to find the Vegas betting odds on outcome of the case. It has to be on the boards. A gut feeling is the odds favor Peterson, given the recorded but since repudiated Troy Vincent promises that now are alleged to have been beyond Vincent's authority as League agent to have made on behalf of the NFL.

If you cannot believe the NFL's Vice President of Active Player Development since February 2010, who can you believe.

Promises? Not a promise? A mere "representation" of a believed outcome, but always subject to Commissioner absolute discretionary power - even to be arbitrary and capricious in letting others talk and then pulling the rug out from under conversations thereby had?

It has an appearance of classic bait and switch by League management.

Offer one outcome via an agent offeror, tout its lienency in inducing reliance by the offeree, then switch after reliance on the part of the offeree happens. It's like a misrepresentation, negligently permitted to be so, if not an intentional League flim-flam fraud.

It's like advertising "never needs ironing," but then it turns out ironing's needed. That level of things.

So, Peterson/NFLPA should win, or not? We wait to find out. Since it's in court with a decision awaited we can speculate any way we like. I'd expect at least 2-to-1 odds favoring the Peterson/NFLPA contentions winning. Bet two, get one if Peterson wins; get a two for one return if you bet on the league and the league wins.

So, that's a guess while I remain curious.

What do the bookies say?

Any reader with a link on actual lawsuit outcome odds being offered the betting public is urged to offer a comment.

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