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Sunday, December 28, 2014

ANOKA COUNTY: Another post-election tax increase, this time for the commuter choo-choo.

Peter Bodley, reporting for ABC Newspapers, here.

ABC/Bodley's headline, "Rail authority approves final levy, 2015 budget"

As good reporting should do, the item in opening paragraphs paints the big picture.

The Anoka County Regional Rail Authority approved its final tax levy and budget for 2015 Dec. 5.

Both are higher than the 2014 levy tax and budget.

That’s because $500,000 has been included under the rail service and safety enhancements category to provide matching funds for grant applications to the Counties Transit Improvement Board to fund improvements at the Highway 10 and Armstrong Boulevard interchange and overpass at the adjacent railroad crossing in Ramsey as well as potential future overpass projects at the railroad crossings on Hanson and Foley boulevards in Coon Rapids.

According to County Commissioner Matt Look, who chairs the rail authority, the money is included for planning purposes.

Readers are urged to follow the link for the complete, tightly-written report.

Intermittently used, intermittently on time, annually taxing.

Has it, the Northstar rail, been of any use to you, or family?

Since the thing opened? Or, since the Ramsey stop was implemented?

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