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Monday, December 30, 2013

Watching the Watchdog going into 2014 days from now.

12/27/13: Dog says:

These positive stories stand in very stark contrast to the situation facing taxpayers just a few short years ago, when Anoka County was an embarrassment to citizens, spending money like crazy, leveraging debt like deadbeat drunk, handing out contracts to friends, junketeering, pursuing white elephant "mega projects" and otherwise ignoring the unglamorous yet critical work that comprise the core mission of county government.

Yes, Ramsey has had an election.

Dog further says:

In addition to the county experiencing success of [sic] behalf of the taxpayers, the county has also seen strong leadership from some mayors.

Yes, Ramsey has had an election.

12/20/13: Dog still picking at his Dan Erhart scab, his Northstar scab, his garbage in Fridley scab.

Into the new year ...

Dog's best when his partisanship is shown less than his general dislike of waste. Dislike of spending and taxation levels is not the same as dislike of waste.

Dog has no bark, either way, on franchise fees. Nor about assessment and how it is more localized than general levy or franchise fees, in its hitting heavily at times when it hits. With a taxation orientation, it seems remiss to not get into questions of policy balances between the differing ways government can tax. Towns cannot impose sales taxes nor income taxes, property taxation being their major means of raising revenue. And that's levy, vs. franchise fees, vs assessment; each with things that can be said for or against. Pie in the sky hypotheticals, and complaints over cash spent which is not to be gotten back whatever happens [Northstar] are one thing, but when civic "public goods and services" expenditures are needed, how, to a Dog, is the best way to fund things? 2014 will be a year of opportunity for the Dog to address that policy concern.

Looking forward to that, and the Republican primary as to how that party's factions interlock or not; and whatever else happens; 2013 is ending. We can anticipate Zygi's stadium being built and watch as it progresses and is hyped by Zygi's promotional machine, it being an anchor of certainty in a presently unclear future.

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