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Saturday, December 07, 2013

By now it has become Internet folklore, but it shows "Tax the Rich" in action in a way that might have Dayton doing big-time 'splaining. Mark, hold onto that gold shovel ...

Strib/AP photo, see, e.g., this link.

This link. "Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be the next President of the United States."

Dayton surely has a way of alienating people, when not necessary. It's a character flaw, but he can get away with it when the alternative was Tom Emmer, and likely to be, who knows, in 2014. Google: Hobson's Choice

It would be intriguing to know the full politics of that which appears wholly gratuitous and premature on the surface. What dynamics and expectations are at play?

Would Hilary shovel for Zygi? Probably. Elizabeth Warren probably would not.

In line with perceptions of state chief executive choices good or bad, Andy at Residual Forces offers a fresh name. It is hard to criticize, if you want dueling GOP real estate sales/marketing/accumulation mavens. Bless them and their commissions.

How is this for the ho-hum same old warmed-over same old? At least, or at best (?), Siefert leaves the Bible at home, and is NOT Mary Kiffmeyer. Beyond that, what's to say (with Andy A. mentioned within a quote in that Bluestem Prairie post)?

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Not that it matters much, but the SoS filing for Real Estate Retrievers LLC indicates a Minnesota office but lists a manager in South Dakota. Matt Larson. Must be another Republican. If the name rings any bells with any reader, a comment is welcome.

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________

Photo - The Uptake, here, to see dignitaries listed.

Check it out - with a video, big time historical preservation bonus. Really.

UPDATE -AND- CAVEAT. See The Deets, here, for credit where credit is due. While some want to rewrite history to make hay politically, it was bipartisan and while nobody in the pack that did us in smells like a rose, some smell worse for trying the lame rewrite business. Ed Kohler calls them out. They lied big time over "financing" that was pixie dust from day one, and they knew it was a lie from day one of the lie. All of them. Friends of Zygi ain't no friends of mine. Friends of truth are they? Less so that, than they are friends of mine. Last thought: It saddens me that so much is short-tweet stuff, and lost if you're not into that venue.

Still more, without naming names although I believe the statement was on the record and not couched otherwise, I was told and believe that some votes for the stadium package were because leadership made it clear that the objective was to assure to not be put in a position to be blamed for the Vikings leaving town, i.e., to do what was needed to avoid that - that GOP leadership had that message and at least one legislative vote followed leadership's beliefs and instructions.  At a guess, DFL leadership had the identical message trickled down to rank and file legislators. As to "credit where credit is due," that would be the State of Minnesota's credit, and City of Minneapolis' credit, and it will come due. The bond buyers expect it, the rating agencies demand it, and that debt will be serviced to keep bond ratings intact. How it is does not always mirror how it might best be, how it should have been, or that we learned much at all from Twins stadium times. Only difference? The cost of things, the grand scale of Zygidom's demands for opulence, surpasses even the hubris of the Pohlads.

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