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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sean Nienow politicing over a hearing he says he wants, with scant chance of attaining it being the safe bet. He claims he wants to probe into the realities and deceits of e-pulltab gambling taxing having been touted by many as likely sufficient to pay for Zygian dreams. A litmus test for his and others' good faith, will he get any hearing, and what happens with it if he does? Disembling is the safe outcome bet.

Strib report, this link. I expect many in Nienow's own party will do all they can to quell this mischief, short of holding him under water a half hour. Closets full of skeletons that might rattle lie all over the spectrum; with it being Nienow's party that had a platform plank against expansion of gambling in our state. Go figure. Who does he aim to score points with? Is he the one who might oppose Bachmann? He is such a clone of Bachmann, not a Paulista Liberty advocate, that all one can guess is an aim for Lt. Guv. on a ticket, next go-round. Or statewide, Secretary of State or such. Reader ideas are welcome.

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