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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pay back the schools? Make up for the smoke-and-mirrors deceits the Republicans under Zellers, Dean, and Senjum cooked up and crammed down via the brinksmanship ploy of shutting down the Minnesota government briefly, where Dayton unwillingly compromised in order to minimize harm and chaos.

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No links back. Check your own web searches if you do not remember the shut-down dynamics. Or the school money shell game.

For now, Strib reports on DFL leadership proposing a minor incremental tax on the very wealthy, to repay the schools. Per the above screen capture. No extensive excerpt here. Interested readers can follow up on the Strib item.

However, consider this - Republican House muck-a-muck Kurt Daudt, in fine non requiter form, was quoted:

“Democrats want Minnesota to be number one in higher taxes,” said House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, R-Crown. “Republicans want Minnesotans to be number one for job opportunities.”

A village idiot even knows - The two goals are not mutually exclusive. Only an exceptional idiot or a sophist would suggest they are. (Daudt may be both, with my bet riding on a sophist persona.)

Ask yourself: Did you get a better job, or did your job magically get better when Reagan cut taxes for the rich, or did it happen when Bush cut taxes for the rich while borrowing to the hilt to finance his two-front war on Islam?

So, what does history teach?

Does trickle down work, if it did not work then, either time?

So try responsible government, rather than Republican record deficits during Reagan years which stood unequaled throughout Clinton's paying down the debt which was then blown sky-high during Bush years, with Bush having also tanked the economy to where Obama is slowly digging the nation out of the pit. Do remember how the fan really loaded up back in September 2008's lame duck moments. And things have not been the same since. Never forget that. It is truth.

Regarding repaying the schools -- The rich can pay more. After all, they have all the money. Surely you do not, the poor do not, yet somebody does. So go figure.

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