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Friday, September 28, 2012

Taxpayer League's Chairman gives indirect endorsement of incumbent Melissa Hortman, Legislative District 36B, by getting drawers in a bind over MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce's endorsement of Hortman.

Not that watchdogs wear drawers. It would restrict their liberty. It's a phrase that I think originated from vexatious pulling on cabinet drawer handles, etc. This link.

Harold, at this link.

HORTMAN campaign site, here.

REINHARDT campaign site, here.

Harold is seeing ghosts again, "You see, Mr. Haluptzok, the chairman of the MetroNorth PAC, is also Rep. Hortman's uncle. Did the family relationship have anything to do with the endorsement? We don't know. But we [... insinuate]". Sure, one man, one Chamber decision. Just as, I suppose, Harold unilaterally dictates all decisions of Taxpayer League.

Sure. Pigs fly.

It is amazing how the man can only see the ghosts that cut against his own biases. The Citizens for Responsible Government is "bad PAC" his own lobbying and long-standing ongoing Taxpayer League is "good PAC." The sky is filling with flying pigs. But I digress.

I agree with Harold on specific instances of waste and bad government. In general we have a divergent view of the aims and purposes of good government.

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Taxpayer League Chairman Hamilton prefers Matt Look, while I prefer Allison Lister, with neither of the two posing as being a spendthrift indifferent to the responsibility of spending tax revenues wisely. Matt Look while on the Ramsey Council was instrumental in the decision to buy into socializing Town Center land speculation, and was instrumental in picking an ongoing consultancy. Lister clearly had no role in that.

UPDATE: But wait. There's More. Rasputin's Fingerprints, for sure, and ya betcha. These two images from the MetroNorth Chamber's Aug-Sept online newsletter. See, twice, the name Erhart. It must be he and the Hortman uncle nefariously controlling the full remainder of those named on that sidebar on the first image. PAC, PAC, PAC.

click either image to enlarge and read

Not only that, The MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce online Annual Report, very first page, "Erhart" again, then fourth page, that fellow Haluptzok his page, (below), and look he features photos of  Sen. Michelle Benson, then Rep. Branden Petersen, Rep. Peggy Scott, and the bias never stops, and ...

... WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, er, ah, ... woof, er, ... never mind.

So, suck it up woofer, Hortman simply is the better candidate, live with that, and remember that one implied conspiracy theory too many can quell a bark. One push, one shove off balance, too much of a thing, it undid friend Brodkorb.

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