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Monday, November 30, 2015

With the Planned Parenthood "defunding" witch hunt popular among Republicans, e.g., Fiorina and Rand Paul, and with a Colorado clinic the site of mayhem, it seems more incumbent upon some to speak up for good sense now, than for others.

Fiorina on YouTube, featuring confederated hate mongering here; reporting of truth, e.g., here.

Rand Paul, here. Yes, on that linked page a lower key thing than Fiorina's despicable showmanship, but disturbing in its own way for distortions and ignored truths that came out in congressional testimony.

Deranged clinic murderer, Robert Lewis Dear.

Coverage of Robert Lewis Dear, shooting up the Colorado clinic and noted to have told police, "No more body parts," widely reported; e.g., here, here, here and  even here.

So who has a greater burden to speak to quell excessive hate against Planned Parenthood? Well, who has shown up at a clinic parking lot in the past, armed and noted, with the seriousness of the appearance of a threat being something not sufficiently imprinted into the public mind and understanding at that time? I.e., who got to skate and sweep things under a rug, then; and, hence, who should now be under a burden to speak of how impressionable folks should be led to having restraint?

Tom Hackbarth, five years ago, photo from here.

Then try this: Who besides Fiorina working up the crazies to a frenzy has blood on their hands?

Well, for example ...

All that crap, for political advantage; our Republican friends, Fiorina, Paul, et al. It is time for reasonable people to ask: Is Republican legislator Hackbarth now riding the same bus, given a personal history, or does the man have a learning curve?

So, how far will Rand Paul compromise his good sense, to get more of the Ted Cruz supporters to consider him? An interesting video, likely from before Rand Paul, whatever his reasons, went onto the defunding bandwagon. Asked another way, how long will it take for intellectual dinosaurs to go extinct?

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
AP, carried by Strib here, most recently suggests the lone gunman viewpoint is reasonable, while full investigation is pending. It makes sense, but if there is any kind of network involvement things are more worrisome.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Strib's editorial board has published an opinion item that appears to mirror the majority community opinion about Planned Parenthood, abortion, and the rule of law. This link.

I continue to assert Hackbarth, given his parking in the wrong parking lot and engendering attention because of how Planned Parenthood personnel must be on guard, is a best person to now stand up and say it is time to defuse the hate against choice, and to redirect energies to other problems.

Somebody from the Republican side has to step forward and say that pandering to the overly aggressive interference advocates is morally wrong. Tom Hackbarth stepping forward now could be one to start to defuse things. Being against choice is one thing. Being hatefully so is another. The latter is a disservice to the rest of us even when it is only a thought without hostile and disruptive action.

The worse players in the thing - those politicians who cynically use the Choice opposition bloc in a manipulative way; and it is easy to see Rand Paul as different from his father, who was anti-choice, but focused on other bigger evils and unwilling to manipulate the anti-choice bloc.

The role of government is to regulate economic matters beyond law of the jungle, on the international to local levels, beyond might makes right, and to advance a simple live and let live attitude toward belief systems. To make it a better less hateful and less misguided world. To quell counterproductive inclinations from taking hold and seizing the day. To advance fairness in fiscal matters and liberty in people's personal lives.

UPDATE: Strib, here. Is it any of your business whatsoever how this lady thinks and chooses who she is and wants to be? Is her choice any skin off your nose? Are you jealous, or do you say live and let live?

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