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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Standing outside the tent looking in, a newly coined term on the Internet: GOPe. I first thought it was outer party speak. For the inner party, the GOP elite. Not so, apparently. But close enough. -- And then: What in the world has GOPe to do with posturing by Donald Trump about John Kasich and the not-affiliated-with-the-Kasich-campaign [nudge, nudge, wink, wink] PAC bloviating and hiding its purposes per the bothersome name, "New Day For America." (It appears to differ from "Make America Great Again," when it comes to who is sloganing where, etc.)

Check it out and tell me it does not stink of John Kasich, but there is the figleaf of non-affiliation, for what that's worth if you try to take it to the bank.

Retracing steps, from Reuters, "Trump lawyer warns Republicans about Super PAC attack ads," online here, for a start:

Donald Trump's presidential campaign warned the Republican Party on Tuesday about donors pooling funds for attack ads, saying Republicans must treat him fairly if they want to keep him from launching an independent bid.

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen told CNN that if Republican donors backing different presidential candidates come together for an anti-Trump advertising campaign, it would be a "bad, bad decision."

The Super PAC planning the attack is New Day for America, which is supporting Ohio Governor John Kasich's presidential bid. Its spokesman, Matt David, said on Sunday that 10 new donors had pledged money since Thursday when Politico reported the group's plans to attack Trump in New Hampshire.

[...] Cohen said the Republican Party may claim it has no control over Super PAC activities. But he insisted Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus has an obligation to treat Trump fairly.

"If they don't, this will be a very, very bad thing for the Republican Party," Cohen said.

RNC representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

That led to doing three overlapping web searches, this, this, and from reviewing a few links, this.

And from those, the insight, the GOPe flash of notice and understanding here:

Republicans will never win Hispanic votes. The sooner the Grand Old Party establishment (GOPe) acknowledges this the better off this country will be.

The gulf between how Republicans think Hispanics see the world; and how Hispanics actually do see the world is much too large.

The only areas of general agreement between the GOPe and Hispanics are their shared disapproval of Gay “marriage” and abortion. But since these issues are about as important as whether Arbor Day will be celebrated this year, there isn’t much mileage to be gained from these small agreements.

The media fueled mantra of “faith and Family” as the core of the Hispanic community is as specious as the myth of the “conservative Black family.”

Yes, GOPe is a term bandied among those I would view as middle-of-today's-Republican-road Republicans; in that they are not bankers on the one hand, nor knuckle-dragging Bruce Willis groupies obsessed with Syrians and embryo Angst (as Ted Cruz is but on the other non-knuckle dragging hand, and as Carly Fiorina postures along with her "bootstrapping from secretary to CEO" mythology when in fact her dad, Joseph Tyree Sneed III, was GOPe to the tee: as Duke Law School's Dean before accepting a Nixon-appointed federal Ninth Circuit appellate judgeship [Ken Starr and all]; and Carly got accelerated into business, where she failed, not by typing well, but via an MIT MBA attained after dropping out of law school to bum around Europe a while, that MBA coming with no bootstraps attached; i.e., where one person's exaggerated posturing is another person's outright, boldfaced lie; and where any chump thinking Fiorina is anything but pure GOPe to the core should be forced to take an IQ test).

But I digress.

Confirmation of GOPe being not an accolade but a term used derisively in talking the talk among those middle-of-today's-GOP-road-Republicans; see, e.g., here and here.

That settled, tell me if you can without a chuckle, that John Kasich and his PACmen are not a career politician - revolving door GOPe candidacy/operation, per their own words:

An advocate of personal responsibility, he chaired the historic House-Senate conference committee that overhauled the welfare system.

A senior member of the Armed Services committee, Kasich worked to help prepare the military for the new threats of the post-Cold War era by becoming more dynamic and efficient. He played a key role in passage of the Goldwater-Nichols Act, the most significant restructuring and streamlining of the military command structure since the creation of the Department of Defense in 1947. He also traveled extensively overseas, visiting the Soviet Union, Kuwait soon after the victory over Iraq in 1991, and Bosnia-Herzegovina to observe and discuss political instability in the region.

After leaving government, Kasich worked successfully as a commentator on FOX News, as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, a speaker and was a New York Times bestselling author, but in 2010, he answered a call to return to public service and was elected governor of Ohio.

[...] The result? Ohio is now a national leader in job creation, its rainy-day fund has grown from $0.89 to $1.5 billion, its credit outlooks went up as the nation’s rating was downgraded and wages in Ohio are growing faster than the national rate.

By enacting innovative and common-sense reforms to control Medicaid spending, Gov. Kasich has saved taxpayers $3 billion and reduced the program’s growth rate from approximately 9 to 3 percent annually [...]

[italics added] And if you want more reasons to accord Kasich and the PAC touting him an absolute GOPe status, there are over eleven million ones reported twice by Politico, here and here.

Old boys with money and preferences, ponying up to PAC the race do not prefer Trump. Or that is the appearance of things, from standing outside the tent, looking in. And Trump holds, as noted earlier, the trump card; mess over me and see how an independent run affects your GOPe prospects.

Kiss his ring, or he might get riled ...

And the main question about Trump that remains unsettled, isn't he beneath all the bluster, GOPe?

Just better at it so that GOPe folks of other stripes (making other investments in other politicians) are plain and simple jealous?

If so, can the "trump card" hold them at bay?

More on Kasich inspired mud-slinging plans, with others, against Trump; here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and aside from that, how much more GOPe can you be, than Club For Growth? Those are early in a search return list, generated here. Hopefully, in cataloging a run of links none were repeated nor inoperative due to posting error.

Even so, readers can get the drift.

It appears the GOPe is circling the wagons so that Kasich (standing as Custer in things) can deploy ammunition with others (Jeb!, Marco, Christie, donors) set to pony cash and bits of bravado into the pool, to get Trump.

So, GOPe.

It is in the news.

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