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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do you want a less violent neighborhood and community, ideally violence free? Bookmark these sites.

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Spousal abuse is not only criminal but abhorrent of all that any true family-friendly organization should stand for. If it calls itself "family friendly" and has no clearly articulated policy on the abhorrent evil of spousal assault, it is deficient.

Think of it this way. Wife-beaters are the full equivalent of child molesters, preying on the vulnerable and defenseless and often causing lifelong pain, trauma, bitterness and psychological Angst; and, if unrepentant and irredeemable, then spousal and child abusers have no place in a civil community and should be locked away. They should be treated as severely as child molesters in a criminal justice context if an abused-spouse-requested initial counseling requirement fails to any degree.

Moreover, if an abused spouse wants severance and protection, rather than counseling and attempted reconciliation, that is

a right and not a privilege.

Our community owes such a choice a duty of protection and enforcement.

To quell any misunderstanding, the site that uses a green border similar to Crabgrass is entirely independent of Crabgrass, and more worthwhile. The links are given as helpful to community leaders and legislators, to help set priorities straight, and this post was created without any prior notice to linked-to site creators. It simply was a humane thing to post even while having nothing to do with developers or consultants. It is a post that should have been published here earlier. It represents an awareness that ought to transcend other community issues, among community leaders. Contributions to help sustain linked-to group efforts should, beyond helping, make you feel proud for making the choice to help.

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