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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Verily, I have seen the future of YouTube, and it is monitization. Are you surprised?

Building market share is easiest for a free service. But what then, for an encore?

TechCrunch reports here, "Google Adds Song Lyrics To Top Of Search Results, Points Searchers To Google Play."

So, a test websearch, using Google of course, for the firm's Theme Song; this result, screen capture thumbnail image you can click and read, below.

I suspect Google is run by developers. Perhaps apartment developers.

And, independent of any song applicability to any previous post at Crabgrass about the expectations, rationale and implementation manner underpinning Ramsey Town Center rebranding (or any other topic), if you are disinclined to go to Google Play for the "this and millions of other songs for the price of an album" how-can-you-pass-it-up offer; listen for free - FOR NOW - per this Google.

So, tell me it is not the Google Anthem. I could be wrong.

After all I was wrong; once; roughly two years ago on a Wednesday.

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