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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ramsey - Among Strib year-end detritus, a feel-good article about the Town Center.

Strib, here, in its picture captioning ability using the past tense, "was" in a way that has me asking if I missed something:

Readers can click that partial screen capture to enlarge and read, and are urged to read Strib's report, for the complete item.

Two update details. First, the screen capture includes a sentence suggesting Bruce Nedegaard's death was by suicide. He died of cancer, and the suicide was by an appraiser used by the developer and the three admitted bank criminals.

Second, the item states:

Strommen said city leaders, including City Council members, are determined to nurture the project and see it succeed. “Nobody is saying, ‘Dump it and move on,’” she said.

Mayor Strommen should have said "... almost nobody ..." as the position here has been unchanged over time, spending, and happenstance. Buying the farm, so to speak, with public money, was bone-headed, and the thing has been something of an ongoing money sinkhole as if the mantra is "Spend enough public money, and it will look as if less of a disaster."

In the parable the Emperor spent lavishly on new clothes.

Happy New Year.

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