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Friday, March 01, 2013

Some readers may be interested: Ars Technica reporting on "Elon Musk on the future of the future -- Musk talks solar, electric cars, and rockets that come home."

This link. Following the link over to the TED2013 speakers page, Musk is headlined as "Serial entrepreneur." You can do a Google, and if my recollection is correct, 60 Minutes did a segment on him which may be online. Musk per the Tesla venture has an interesting and currently ongoing situation over a New York Times item, this Google.

Update link, SpaceX.

Further update, SpaceX launch stages all worked error free, but the payload final stage had "thruster problems," which were fixed but with docking with the ISS - International Space Station - delayed by a day. Consider that a virtually unqualified success, for the private sector NASA grant recipient firm, in its third launch. This link, and here.

Of interest, Musk is an Ayn Randian figure, the John Galtish entrepreneur left free by society to push back his horizons, and thereby to better the world. Moreover, he did it in our presently highly regulated, interleaved and governed nation, the same nation from which Ms. Rand willingly accepted Social Security payments, to which she was entitled, and without verbally trashing that system as some (particularly from Wisconsin's First Congressional District) do in her name. After Social Security helped pay for college in that Wisconsin 1st District. I suppose Rand had more class. Being an atheist she carried less baggage, less garbage, indeed, less verbiage despite thousands and thousands of repetitious pages. Still less, because somewhere in those many pages was the germ of at least one adult idea.

... and what's his opinion of family planning choice?

And a question of Randian proportion, the Galt agenda - what is Galt all about?

Further update:  Back to SpaceX, Elon Musk, and the Dragon space flight to resupply the ISS; Strib reports docking with the space station; and gives NASA and SpaceX links. The SpaceX website seems well designed and interesting to explore. Besides a sound and successful launch history, design quality detail down to the website, is impressive.

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