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Saturday, March 30, 2013

More on the internal Republican saga, per Residual Forces. Plus a segue or two.

Latest there on Corey Sax, this link.

The comment thread is quite interesting, including in its deletions.

It intrigues me how the personalities get involved in the recent histories of the weakest GOP Congresssional Districts, CD4 and CD5. CD4 had its purge with Mitch Berg posting of his unhappiness and Pat Anderson now the chair, after an active ouster.

Corey Sax appears from the latest Residual Forces post to be within CD5.

McCollum has owned the CD4 seat for eons, after Vento unfortunately prematurely died, and Ellison now clearly owns the CD5 seat after Sabo stepped down. The GOP there in each district suffers a decided minority party status, and has for years.

Yet GOP CD4 and CD5 leadership hijinks have produced their poster children.

Allegations seem to be about wanting to be the diva, without interest in the hard work of practicing and while seeking out the team position of assuring all the uniforms are packaged for the road trip and not standing to contest for the role of go-to guy for the last shot with the game on the line, a three needed from downtown with seconds on the clock.

Andy's A.'s mother was involved in CD4 party official positions overlapping the time of the change and then the purge, mainly if I have read the history correctly in assuring fiscal rectitude in CD4; but if Andy blogged of the personalities and purge there, I missed it.

My problem is when there is spillover of some (perhaps say one) of the contentious personalities into CD6, where I live and suffer the GOP having its entrenched majority status; where their goings on give us Bachmanns and Nienows. Gave us Jungbauer.

Live over there in Roseville then stay over there, might be a fine motto. Let the Watchdog be himself including heading up a clear political advocacy thing as chair of the Taxpayer League [are its offices in CD6?], and leave CD6 alone, where news reporting is something best left to those with the skill, wherewithal and lack of biased viewpoint, needed to do it right, and distributed in print as with the "paper" part of the word "newspaper."

Real newspapers, involving real newspaper persons seems the place to rely, but opinions may differ.

Not that the newspaper-related comments segued into relate to Corey Sax. They do not. Or there was no intention to suggest they relate to Corey Sax and the latest todo. Only to reflections of the mind regarding contentious personalities, which again, is something involving opinion and perceptions; and where we can say opinions of Mitch Berg are always opinionated, but not always beyond dispute.

One last closing segue. It galls me greatly having a resident of CD4 holding the CD6 congressional seat, particularly given the individual involved. Speaking of those wanting to be The Diva, ...

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