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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney is Scrooge, and he told a crowd of like minded people that hell will freeze over before he ever embraces poor little Tiny Tim Cratchit out of guilt and ghost hauntings.

Stripped to its essentials, and taken with all the implications he and his fifty grand a plate audience shared with him, he said this 47% is uppity and needs a lesson, the lesson being if the rules had been different from his adolescence onward he might be worth $450 million but these bastards were in his way, and cheated him out of the extra two hundred million, taking away half of HIS actual entitlement. HIS. Not some vague entitlement claimed by poor folks, HIS ENTITLEMENT TO A NET WORTH TWICE WHAT IT IS. And his speech implied we privileged to be at this table are at war against that burden on US, having started that war while whining publicly to the contrary and now we are appearing to be winning that war; and we have no intention nor cause to stop. That is the entirety of what the secret recording captured. He's a bastard, Ryan is too, and anyone not already a multi-millionaire infused with uncontrolled greed who votes for them is a town dunce in a league with Mary Franson. Romney is the new plutocrat, born on third base and thinking HE is entitled to it having been a home run. At least he has not been caught on any yet released video advocating putting "them" in work camps with electrified fences and troops with German Shepherd dogs to maintain fitting order while finding an Albert Speer to manage that, for US. Whether he might have gone there in other fifty grand a plate events would be speculation.

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