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Monday, March 05, 2012

Throw all the rest of us under the bus, for a few paychecks? Push for building useful infrastructure instead.

This link. And we are left to hope it is the Republicans who hold the line, against the super-wealthy New Jerseyite. What a state of things.

In new SD 35, in the DFL's Senate District Convention, there are pro and anti stadium platform proposals. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to vote.

Let's hope the politicians do not move as quickly as they can, sometimes, so we may see more of what ordinary people think, want, and feel willing to pay higher taxes for.

Have a referendum.

If Zygi wants to blackmail the public with an implied threat to move, does the public care?

Readers thinking Zygi's been a better owner than his predecessors are invited to post a comment saying why.

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