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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Some lightweight ex-grunt and counterinsurgency Captian from Stillwater named Hegseth on March 1 tapped himself to oppose Klobuchar because he loves America.

Andy at Residual Forces posted the man's entry letter, this excerpt:

After a great deal of prayer and consultation with family and friends, I’ve decided to run for the United State Senate in Minnesota and will be seeking the Republican endorsement.

[...] I’m running for this seat because America is the greatest country in human history and we cannot take that fact for granted. Each generation must contribute to securing our freedoms, both on the battlefield—and at home. And in these difficult times of great consequence, we need leaders who have the conviction and fortitude to take on tough issues.

Right now Minnesota is represented by a senior Senator who believes that more government, more regulation, and more top-down control is what is best for America. I disagree. The greatness of our nation has never been about the size of our government, but rather about the power of our shared ideals and strength of our people. We need leaders who understand that politicians don’t create jobs, businesses create jobs. We need leaders who understand the proper, and limited, role of the federal government. We need leaders who will reign [sic - give the dude a crown] in our out-of control spending, deficits, and debt—so we remain the strongest country in the world, and not beholden to our creditors. And we need leaders who understand that a strong America, both at home and abroad, makes for a more safe and free world.

This will not be an easy race—I’m running against an incumbent with gobs of money. And that is why I need your help.

They always say give me your money, and its the thing to do because they love America and prayed humbly before asking you to give them your money. The Dems want you to give them your money too, but their approach is not so basic.

Klobuchar cannot be as complacent as Oberstar was, spending much time helping down-ticket DFL people around the state while the Chipper was out to undermine him, and did so. She has a lesson, and is nobody's fool. She should have as easy a reelection effort as Obama, despite both having honked off people hoping for different and better progressive leadership. Moderates like Wellstone are needed, not stodgy bordering-on-GOP-lite folks.

However, when you see that opening salvo from this Hegseth individual, it looks as if W and Gingrich are cooperating in writing his stuff with a little of Michele Bachmann "God's choice" mixed in for fun.

photo from Princeton Union-Eagle's Hegseth coverage

I want to see him holding a cardboard sign, "Will Abide by Endorsement, for Endorsement." The Union-Eagle reports he has Cravaack operatives on board and that he says he will abide by the GOP's endorsement process. It's not that he's dumb. He's reported to be a Princeton graduate. He just dumbs down his money solicitation letter because he knows the audience he's aiming at.

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