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Friday, March 02, 2012

Sidebar poll results.

As I expected those accessing Crabgrass disagree with most of the things I believe, and instead fit the demographics shown in past CD 6 election outcomes. Photo ID is a divisive issue, but one playing well to the GOP majority in and around Ramsey. Unions get less love around here than elsewhere, although Strib reported that Minesota GOP folks have seen Scott Walker's situation and perhaps are not prone to poke a stick into that particular union busting hornets' nest. ALEC mavens like Kiffmeyer may not be the GOP majority thinking on the union busting issue. The building trade unions are doing themselves no big favor in pushing for a referendum-free Zygi giveaway, so they have a few short-term jobs from Wilfare. Pushing the marriage amendment may have been a mistake, in terms of passage likelihood, but that always was to get the crazies out to the ballot box, not to win the issue, because mobilizing the crazies with it would be mooted, were it to work. The choice vs anti-choice issue is, again, for mobilizing the crazies. On the Presidential issue, as the only Dem, Obama had more votes than any of the several Republicans, but there's no groundswell for his tepid in fact brand of "CHANGE" where many have truth-in-advertising related buyers' remorse. Ron Paul's final poll tally was interesting and because the man is the only one differing in any real way from the other corporatist pack, it is worth comment. My guess is with the Obama track record being lackluster, the GOP's pushing other hot button issues to appease their crazies might backfire. It might energize some DFL leaning folks who are disenchanted with Obama, but would turn out in droves if either Gingrich or Santorum is the opposition candidate. The Robot cannot generate any passion, in the GOP for him, in others against him, but as his corporate raider persona becomes better known Obama should have little trouble being reelected. It is as if the bulk of the GOP is saying, give Romney the shot, let him lose, then be rid of him after Obama's second term when a more serious challenge may arise. It is much like the Bob Dole run against Clinton's second term. With Romney, if anything, even less appealing a person than Dole was.


Anonymous said...

I think you belong in Cd 5.. Ellisons distrit. Plain and simple..If you live in that hell hole you will understand why the thinkers in the 6th dont believe the things you belive. and go ahead and keep using your baby language and call us all haters.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - My choice of words was "choice haters." What else truly describes things? I have no desire to intrude into your family's decision making. If your spouse gets you pregnant, decide as you want, have a child or have an abortion. That is what choice is about. I should not be able to dictate to you either way. You should have family decision making liberty. Freedom is a good thing, not bad, not evil is some twisted way somebody tells you to believe.

Wes Volkenant said...

Keep up the good writing, the insightful observations, the progressive points of view, and the willingness to be a thorn in the sides of those who too seldom are challenged in their "rule." Thanks, Eric.

I hope to meet you next Friday night at the SD 35 DFL Convention at Anoka HS.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea.. anti gun, anti oil drilling, anti nuke, anti land rights, Yup its all about freedom for you.. Killing babies and freedom.