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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Brietbart dead. Who now will mentor James O'Keefe?

Reports e.g. here, here, here, here, here, and here. That last item ends:

Conservatives Thursday morning mourned Breitbart's death. Upon learning the news, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum called it "shocking."

"What a powerful force," he said of Breitbart. "It's almost - you think of anybody out there who's just got more energy, and just, out there constantly, driving and pushing. What a huge loss, in my opinion, for our country, and certainly for the conservative movement."

Via Twitter, Mitt Romney said, "Ann and I are deeply saddened by the passing of @AndrewBreitbart: brilliant entrepreneur, fearless conservative, loving husband and father."

Erick Erickson of the conservative blog said Breitbart's death was "like a supernova has gone dark."

[links omitted] With mourners like that you know the kind of person he was. Huge loss for the nation, Santorum says. "Supernova" a opinion. The Brietbart-O'Keefe connection, here. I doubt whether any ACORN folks will be in mourning. I would like to see an autopsy report of what was in his bloodstream, besides venom. Pharmaceuticals, and what not. After all, the man's as conservative a snake oil salesman and venom peddler as Rush, and Rush was a user. At 43, found dead on a sidewalk, with 43 being very young for that kind of situation.

You have to wonder, to question.

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