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Monday, March 05, 2012

Among the first to take aim at Romney was his chief Republican 2012 rival Rick Santorum. “Governor Romney has been saying throughout the course of this campaign, ‘Oh, I never recommended that they adopt my program in Massachusetts for an individual federal mandate,’” Santorum told a crowd of several hundred people Saturday in Ohio. “Oh yes, he did. In a 2009 USA Today op-ed, he recommended, he made suggestions to President Obama, including the individual mandate and taxing people who don’t buy insurance. That is the individual mandate.”

This link. Not that I'd take Santorum's word for it. But would I take Romney's? Let's see if an independent and uninvolved Republican can reach a definitive word on the question. Somebody like Gingrich, since nobody would doubt his word ... eh? Never mind his paying the $300,000 on the ethics violations, back then ... eh? I know it is a subjective thing, but I'd trust Howard Stern more on this hummer than any of those three. Ron Paul? Sure, if he says something about this, Stern's trumped, Ron Paul I would have no problem trusting - on facts.

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