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Sunday, March 04, 2012

AIPAC convening, Iran, and such.

Obama's AIPAC statement, transcribed and posted, here. There is plenty of commentary up minutes after his remarks, but this is the only actual transcript of what he said that I have found online. Commentary examples, here and here. Those form a spectrum, not necessarily from opposite poles of a continuum, but do your own web search and reading to put more between and on either side of those two.

UPDATE: Strangely, a site you'd expect to easily find the full remarks of Obama to AIPAC, Iran being on ongoing concern to all, and especially one to AIPAC, yet we are given easy homepage access to highlights, by excerpting.

FURTHER UPDATE: Cutting through the transcript to issues, e.g., doing a word search "Iran" may destroy the thread of intended progression but also might reach things of greater interest quickly. Doing our own excerpting, then reading the official White House excerpted version could be interesting, for overlap or differing focus. Besides how Iran questions were handled, finesse and direct statement mixing gives a flavor of where policy gaps and differences exist. The man was talking to a very sophisticated audience, an important one, in an election year. How he handled it could be helpful to one such as Romney or even more, Santorum, as a lesson on leadership skill and style.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Rosenberg of TPMCafe, on what Obama gave, and held back. But man, don't say he "larded" up the praise of Israel (while not giving what AIPAC-Israel wanted as a commitment). Pick a different shortening. Write a kosher item. Please.

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