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Friday, May 27, 2011

RAMSEY - and who is Flaherty and Collins - A burning question.

SOPHISTICATION IN THE CITY. It says so. Flaherty and Collins talking about themselves. Flaherty and Collins, touting themselves, their ambiance, their then-new outstanding home-town project.

In the two screen shots, the opening two pages from here, (that firm's Spring '08 online buzz sheet), you even get to see what each of the gentlemen look like as well as details of calling themselves sophisticated. Cosmopolitan and sophisticated. Click to enlarge and view:

For those interested in architectural matters, uniquely local quality design etc., here for your comparison is a rendering of the purportedly special rental project being trumpeted and touted for the failed Ramsey Town Center as that which will resuscitate a CORpse (image from ABC Newspapers, Sakry Dec. 10, 2010 reporting):

Ah, so very pretty! Pretty special. Unique. That it might only prosper as well as that sophisticated and of all things equally pretty and promising "Cosmopolitan on the Canal."

Continuing: This link, or just click and read the screenshot.

This link, or just click and read the screenshot.

It's very windy at Town Center. This link, or just click and read the screenshot.

This link, or just click and read the screenshot.

Presumably the thing was insured. With no occupants, no horrid death.


Billy Joel. For his fans, this link to one of his all time favorites.

This local Indiana news outlet, a site search, Flaherty Collins. It appears the firm reentered into developing the project; presumably via less fire-prone construction measures. Also, this link. Here. Two further news outlet searches for "flaherty," here and here.

Cosmopolitan apartment fire prompts lawsuit, Scott Olson, December 8, 2010; this link.

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________-
Here, "Investigators: Canal fire was intentionally set," this excerpt:

Federal, state and local agencies are working on the investigation. They include the National Response Team (NRT) from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the ATF Columbus Field Division, the Indianapolis Fire and Metropolitan Police Departments and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security's State Fire Marshal's office. More than 50 people were interviewed in the process of the investigation.

Investigators took photographs, conducted interviews and recovered potential evidence from the scene for laboratory analysis. The ATF will leave Indianapolis Tuesday and the evidence will be analyzed at an ATF lab.

Herbert Miller, a private fire investigator with ARC Investigations who used to work for IFD, says it's too early in the investigation to reveal much information.

"The situation is that they don't want to put out any sensitive information. They are probably going to do analysis of the samples they have extradited from the scene," Miller said.

The developers are now free to start the demolition and rebuilding process, which according to Miller, means the investigators know exactly what started the fire.

"But they have a lot of work to do before they can really start naming specifics," Miller said.

Investigators fear too much information might tip off their suspects. Everyone working on the project have been ruled out - at least for now.

"When we had our meeting with [the ATF], they don't think it is an arson for profit. We had that conversation," Collins said. "We don't have any reasons to suspect anybody."

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