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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Getting one's news from the strangest of sources; a/k/a why would SD 35 GOP leadership be treating the rank-and-file base like mushrooms - in the dark, fed accordingly? [UPDATED - A GOP District 35 facebook page did sort-of disclose, barely, the Whelan step-down decision re HD 35A.]

The Google Alert set for Reflections in Ramsey rang in what's missing from other places. Why missing, dilatory predilection, or what?

First, the Reflection that resonated the alert:

click to read, or visit this link

News for certain, here in the hustings, Anoka and Ramsey, Anoka County, Minnesota HD 35A.

Single sourcing even with the most reliable online item is not as good as a confirmation; and under the Crabgrass radar and days before the day to be thankful, ABC Newspapers had published:

Whelan won’t run for re-election in 2018 - Nov 21, 2017

Rep. Abigail Whelan, R-Ramsey, announced that she will not seek re-election for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2018.

Whelan, who represents District 35A, is currently serving her second term.

“As happens, sometimes life brings unexpected curveballs, and life brought me a fiancĂ© from England,” Whelan said in a statement Monday. “We have talked and prayed a long time about whether I should run for office again, and it is with some heaviness of what I am leaving behind, but also joy at what lies ahead, that I am saying goodbye for a season. I don’t know what the future holds, but I will not be seeking re-election in 2018.”

Never living up to my hopes for one holding an advanced degree from UM, Twin Cities campus, and instead joining with the likes of Warren Limmer in hateful thinking some could call bigotry; Whelan signed the infamous "bathroom bill" letter:

Readers can click the image to read it, and for context, this link.

Well, the overwhelming majority consensus has been that transgender people are human beings not deserving judgmental scorn - where a "first stone" got winged by Whelan and Limmer without any transgender provocation of the pair; and the mood of most in the "let 'em pee where/when they need to" majority stands in an image being the equivalent of a thousand words:

Demonizing any individual or sub-population is generally not believed to be a function of government, but with Whelan leaving the legislature and affianced as she's stated, she's done nothing so seriously wrongful to deny her forgiveness and charitable well wishes as to the couple's future; so,may they see a Golden Anniversary reached with healthy and bright children, each child a solid secular humanist.

Next, what about local GOP leadership's view of suitable notice to the locals, to the rank-and-file rote GOP voter?

Sources normally expected to give the GOP base notice of significant developments within the party which that base props up seem to collectively be wholly silent; presumably unless proven different, such silence is set to last until they've made a leadership successor trickle-down decision; or at least that seems to be the Reflections author's impression (that anonymous person presumably being some form of inner party GOP person, one who cares, more than I do).


with that last link showing up online this way:

Where that caption with its mean looking eagle saying "UNIFIED - INFORMED - MOTIVATED" is belied by the Whelan-related silence; as if wanting a unified, uninformed base, for whatever reasons official GOP site publishers are motivated.

Of course dilatory ineptitude may be used as an excuse, or indeed may be an explanation; but either way the GOP base may best conclude those three sites are a waste of rank-and-file time and that they may be thankful they have ECM Publishers - ABC Newspapers to tell them what their party big-wigs decline to mention, however the big-wigs are motivated.

__________UPDATE: WRONG! (in part)_________

The basis for error was seeing the Dec. 10 Reflections date, not seeing any December post on the three sites, and then neglecting to follow-up there per the ABC Newsapers report date. One of the three had this, (without the resonant huzzahs such news deserves):

That's a Facebook entry, so again, one out of three grabbed the brass ring.

______________FURTHER UPDATE________________
Regarding the infamous bathroom bill solidarity letter sent to North Carolina's Governor, and related matters, the letter is linked to in this CBS-Local report, see also: text (and embedded video) of the Whelan house-floor meandering response to a tax haven question here, Think Progress here, The Column here, and in all a deplorable anti-science damaging and obstructionist troglodyte record of divisiveness and a will to undercut separation of church and state - actively so with no hope of actually passing any such stuff into law, while on the nitty-gritty end of session two-party fencing match being an in-the-bag rote vote for Minnesota House GOP leadership. Foregiveness for all that on the way out is a big step, but forgive it, move on, and hope for better representation on real issues and not counterproductive divisiveness-mongering on the part of whoever wins that seat next election. Republicans like Jason Tossey do exist in Anoka County, thinking differently than I would in instances but not super keen to throw any Jesus-Evangelical related divisive snakes on the table; so we may hope . . .

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