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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

"The two major candidates are both unliked; 54 percent view Trump unfavorably and 56 percent see Clinton unfavorably."

Wow. I am in a majority. This ABC polling link, also stating:

The Democratic presidential nominee is also slipping in trustworthiness and honesty. Thirty-five percent of voters view Clinton as honest and trustworthy, compared to Trump's 50 percent. Voters think Clinton has the better temperament to serve in the White House and is more prepared to take on the responsibilities of commander in chief.

50% trust Trump? Really? I find that hard to believe. My big question, if you take the headline 54% and 56% does that mean a super majority of 110% are like me and dislike both of them?

If either Jill Stein or Gary Johnson were let into the debates, the two party duopoly numbers would plummet. On likeability and perception of honesty alone. Never mind adding in policy with less war mongering and war borrowing/spending AND legalization being appealing policy into the future. It would be a romp if Green or Libertarian speakers were let in the door to debate the "frontrunners."

What an awful,sorry excuse of a choice we are given by the shabby two-party dominated SYSTEM. We, as a nation, deserve better. It's a surprise Clinton is not trying to charge for her debate appearances. And it will be a surprise if Trump does not use debate appearances to push some "TRUMP" branded consumer product of questionable quality and of Asian origin of manufacturing.

"See this tie I'm wearing, it's a TRUMP tie and you can have one too," might be unlikely, but not impossible, given personalities and all. Ditto, "The Foundation is still open for a proper class of donors, at suitable levels of contribution."

What else is there to expect, from a pair of grifters?

FINALLY: Lunch with Lloyd really unpins my bullshit meter. Especially in light of a three-quarters-of-a-million bucks in speech payments, Lloyd's folks to the Clinton pocketbooks directly, not even routed Foundation-wise.

What about those transcripts? How about some heat and light again on that question? It's surely a proper consideration. Would an answer at a debate to any such question be, "Email me, and I'll have Huma get back to you"?

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