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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Aplkowski watch; to me unclear but positive appearing post-election adaptation.

Residual Forces Blog per my bookmarked link, here, appears to have been temporarily or permanently terminated.

That is an ambiguity.

Positive signs to me, or arguably removing one ambiguity in favor of another, Facebook images Aplikowski uses, that of him and Lugnug, and here and here. The first, digging a hole deeper might relate to continuing Residual Forces.

Of course, it might not.

Bonaparte: Surely Andy has no fear of my having not been equivocal nor reticent, but aside from that, who?

And, Bonaparte? After Elba the attempted come-back led to St. Helena. In terms of the partial SD35 term being up soon, are we to anticipate a come-back, and if so, a St. Helena? After a big messy war? And might there be a Metternich arising and a Congress of Vienna, GOP throw-back style, realignment of alliances, all that?

The Aplikowski candidacy to some might be yesterday's news, but for others it could suggest an early part of tomorrow's.

All for now on that.

The SD35special final vote is weeks away. Roger Johnson, Jim Abeler, and Zach Phelps will be on that ballot.

Present wind chill being as it is, the reposted boat image is not current, but it might reflect a current mood. Not being a Facebooker, I don't know what Andy'd posted previously, but with Residual Forces moves and shifts, it deserved a look at what I generally decline accessing. Readers knowing Andy should know whether images are redone or as set out before, pre-election.

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