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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

With Marco Rubio now officially a GOP presidential wannabe, and Jeb too, in Florida, are we facing a dilemma only our Supreme Court can resolve?

Does the Bush v. Gore right to steal votes and rig elections in Florida attach to the state's GOP, or to the Bush family alone, and if to the GOP what are relative rights to that right, per a sitting Senator vs a former Governor?

Perhaps the right to steal votes in Florida attaches to whoever can get away with it; but that simply puts us back into the post's opening paragraph. Ditto the right to impede likely Dem voters; an ancillary right -- and might the election rigging rights package actually be the jurisdiction solely of the Florida Secretary of State, and whichever GOP candidate he/she favors?

CLEARLY: We need a Supreme Court declaratory judgment - on beneficiary status per Bush v. Gore. A clarification of election theft rights, be they absolute or relative.

Dangling Chads -
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And where is Rhenquist these days, when needed by his party? Will Roberts be up to Chief-Justicing a replay? In a proper GOP fashion? He does have the votes he'd need; and in disputes over counting votes, having votes lined up helps.

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