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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Clinton emails.

screen capture from here.

Gerstein, reports at Politico, that a Klayman motion for a continuance of oral argument was denied, linking to the item, here. He seems to be writing the substative motion was denied also, which his linked item does not state. More from Klayman's confederates, here. (Note, small-c; I don't want Larry suing me.)

Gerstein reports of and links to news of an AP wire service lawsuit over the emails, see original item, here.

There is an election on the horizon, Jeb has his standardized testing cash cow he's been proselytizing as if it were some proven effective thing - with ALEC on his side. Hillary's likely thinking of the Tom Hanks film, "You've Got Mail."

Can't we do better, both sides?

Well, turn back time and you find another Bush or two onto a good thing.

Neil Bush, we all know him from his befriending lonesome women, was into cash-from-standardized-testing back during the No Child Left Behind presidential time frame; apparently no cash was intended to be left behind if available to buy into the testing tells all belief frame of mind.

They've both occupied the Oval Office, but are these the two most illustrious families we can now put forward, again, in 2016?

Set the bar higher, America, please.

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