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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Minnesota small towns, and broadband availability. Are these things related, going further into the Twenty-First Century?

Strib, two items; small towns, here; broadband, here.

Whose ox would get gored if municipal/governmental broadband were to rule the day? What do you expect the private sector for-profit "service" providers to say, this?

Impediments to progress need to be eliminated.

This link. And this. We, consumers, are getting taken for a ride because vested interests own politicians. If you own the car you want to drive it. Ditto, for politicians.

And with the public a pool of passive sheep, what's not to like about having a fleecing?

We need broadband activists. Today, tomorrow, into the next decade and beyond. Communication capability will only grow in importance.

With City of Ramsey contemplating dedication of the old city hall site on Nowthen, across from the school, to data center use; what about a rider to any such contract about provision of citizen fast broadband access as a co-sited service provided by the data center operator? It would be using the same fiber and servers to be helpful to citizens beyond adding something to the tax base, soon or more likely eventually. And there would be no downside to it, unless it's really not that keen a site for a data center anyway, and it's only blind hope that has taken thinking as far that direction, as things now stand?

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Not a small town, LA understands, and plans, better than others plan, ya betcha.

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