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Saturday, May 04, 2013

RAMSEY - Council agenda items.

Interviewing law firms "for City of Ramsey Legal Services," this link.

Ward 1 Special election planning, here. This would be of particular interest to Ward 1 residents considering running to serve on coucil. Below is a cut/paste of the item:

Consider Resolution establishing Special Election procedures and calendar for filling the vacancy in the office of Councilmember for Ward One.

The written resignation of Ward One Councilmember David W. Elvig has caused the City Council to declare a vacancy in that position. Because the vacancy has been declared, pursuant to City Charter the City Council is now obligated to schedule a Special Election within 90 days of the vacancy declaration to fill the vacancy.

State law and the City Charter provide specific direction on the special election process and notice requirements etc. The City Charter does require primary elections before regular municipal elections, however, that is not a requirement for special elections. The relatively short time (90 days) for the special election to occur makes it impracticable to schedule a primary election.

Staff has developed a calendar for the Special Election which calendar is attached to the proposed resolution for this case.

Staff request the authority to make minor adjustments to the election calendar pending final review of the Anoka County elections supervisor who has been unavailable for consultation prior to writing this case.

The link given for the proposed special election calendar did not work correctly for me, so readers encountering a similar problem should request a copy of the attachment from city hall.

Presumably after the meeting Sakry of ABC Newspapers will post an online report giving relevant detail.

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