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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sixty-eight pages of pleasure reading for those who have had student debt thrust upon them as a precursor to a chance at becoming educated beyond K-12.

The belief here is that the use of student debt against the young arose after the sixties days of student campus unrest. The Congressional establishment reaction having been "Make them more pliant and docile by getting them on payments," with Biden adding, intentionally, that federal bankruptcy law should be jiggered at the same time as debt-burdening, to prevent escape from the same people holding reins while most of the population would suffer quelling mortgage or education "intimidation" debt as a control system as well as a cash cow to be milked by unprincipled opportunists, a/k/a student debt lenders. It's an untenable system, as to lack of anything resembling fairness, but fairness was never the intent. Intimidation and control were the aims.

Other views can exist about how post-secondary education access has or arguably has not primarily been used as a disenfranchisement method, in actuality, without it's having honestly been acknowledged as such vs. being obscured by the instituting perps in glib and misleading wording plus posturing at the time of enactment, early seventies and onward. Enactment being: Post-Kent State. Post-Jackson State. Shoot a few, hang debt on many more; and thereby engineer docility as a policy aim among those such as Biden in a position to do the mischief which is currently proving so very hard to undo. And or course, the will to undo that mischief is not a universally held goal among DC establishment types.

All that is a prelude to the link. The Levy Institute study avoids speculation on motives at the time student debt relief was excluded from bankruptcy relief by our esteemed DC government, in its wisdom in wanting a status quo with the young on debt tenterhooks with the normal route of debt burden escape intentionally foreclosed by the likes of Joe Biden.

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