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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tools of Mammon and bigotry unite. Darkness at mid-day.

Tools of tools, met with Pence tool.
Charles Koch and his chief lieutenants met privately with Vice President Mike Pence for nearly an hour Friday. Pence, a longtime Koch ally, was in Colorado Springs to address a gathering of religious conservatives.

AP report, source of image and quote. If you do not recognize the photo tools, well, who does? Besides Charles and David and fellow traveler Pence? Just know evil is as evil does. They want people to die so they'll have more and the populace will be intimidated and meek. They want to inherit the earth, or more to the truth, to have it now and pass it to like minded tools. Not waiting to inherit, seizing initiative, standing against norms of fairness and decency toward the health worries and needs of others. Tools of backwardness and meanness.

Friday, June 23, 2017

It is not news. It is opinion. Were Bernie Sanders to share his email list with Tom Perez or the DNC it would be like Jesus giving Pilate nails.

List links (mythology?): Here, here, here, here, here and here.

Likely there is much more online, things more recent. A video. Another. The second, editorial in nature.

Debbie may share her list with Tom Perez, and vice versa, while moving Onward Together. With what's her name.

The Observer, April 17, 2017; this link, this opening screen capture:

The list mentioned at the end of that screencaptured text must be the one Ossoff used.

Bernie could not, despite personal effort, boost Rob Quist over the hump in strongly-Republican Montana. DNC trainloads of money, ditto, Ossoff in Georgia's CD6.

Something has to happen, and it will not be the disenfranchised Bern-feelers giving in. They've nothing and have been scorned by the corporatists who presently own the Democratic Party and thus have something actual to give the have-nots. Will they be intransigent; rather losing elections than ruffling feathers in the corporatist donor pool by thinking of moving, however little, toward fairness?

And would a little movement be enough movement, or will substantial compromise need to be negotiated, as Schumer seems to understand? (In principle at least.)

Stay tuned. Expect more of the same. Ossoff + money = back to the drawing board. Trying to stone and demonize Trump with nothing really different being offered is an approach. You decide - A sound approach or a destined-to-fail-again one?

2018 will be an interesting situation - who will blink first? Will corporatist Dems out of spite hand the Trumpster a second term? Will too little be offered progressives, as with, "Well, you can, under supervision, write part of the platform while we keep the keys to the Lexus and own the driving seat." That approach had its day, its dismal day prior to Nov. 2016.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Napa Valley Register is geographically far from Trump Tower and from 666 Fifth Avenue.

Items here and here.

Are we waiting for a dog named Checkers to show up? Ivanka's lovable pup?

UPDATED: Summer, 2013, this.

A name in present "news," be it real or fake, the news, not the name.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Besides more obvious things to say to beltway Dems and donors, eschew ballons. Do separate candidates from balloons. Beyond that, is it Bernie's way or the highway? Ask Ellison, not Ossoff, not the billionaires.

Not even a Clintonian convention balloon drop in scale and tackiness, there is this:

balloon man - and is somebody giving an owl hand sign?

Image is from NYT coverage, this link, this quote:

Democrats Seethe After Georgia Loss: ‘Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump’


Among Democrats in Washington, the setback in Georgia revived or deepened a host of existing grievances about the party, accentuating tensions between moderate lawmakers and liberal activists and prompting some Democrats to question the leadership and political strategy of Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.

But the overarching theme among Democrats was a sense of sharp urgency about crafting a positive agenda around kitchen-table issues. Congressional Democrats have already been meeting in private to shape a core list of economic policies, but their work did not reach any conclusive point during a long season of special elections.

“The Democratic caucus is united in our view that our message, heading into 2018, should be aggressively focused on job creation and economic growth,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, a member of the Democratic leadership team, said on Wednesday morning.

Representative Seth Moulton, Democrat of Massachusetts, said the defeat was “frustrating” and urged a shake-up at the top of the party.

“Our leadership owes us an explanation,” said Mr. Moulton, who voted against Ms. Pelosi in the last leadership election. “Personally, I think it’s time for new leadership in the party.”

That is merely the beginning of the NY Times item, so go there to read the complete analysis (and for links).

It is worse than an image worse than Donald Trump. It is an image worse than Tom Price, the least common denominator.

Was Ossoff a lovable candidate? Certainily not a progressive by anyone's measure. Money can't buy you love.

Blame Bubba Bill and spouse, for too hard a right turn. Something that can be undone. Easily, actually. Tom Perez should have the decency at this point to step aside, clearing the way for progress. Don't wait, however. It may not happen until late 2018, when too much of unavoidable error will have happened. Hard heads need hard proof.

Throwing the multimillionaire Pelosi under the bus is not the answer, but aside from that, why not for the fun of it? It would not be as if an asset were to be lost. A multimillionaire career politician, Pelosi has not held any private sector job or responsibilities, so that she and spouse might be money-wise to buy bus manufacturer stocks. A big enough bus would have room for Tom Perez too. They, under the bus, could go Onward Together.

Opinions differ.In addition, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Without any basis for independent verification or disproof of those numbers, by inverse values Bernie and Biden are the most trustworthy.

CBC carries AP June 20, 2017, feed, "Republican Handel wins Georgia congressional election, thanks Trump. [subhead] Battle over Georgia's 6th Congressional District was most expensive House race in U.S. history"

This link; this quote:

Republicans immediately crowed over winning a seat that Democrats spent $30 million trying to flip. "Democrats from coast to coast threw everything they had at this race, and Karen would not be defeated," House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement.

If Bevis had any comment, none was reported. Is Tom Perez awake? He's not being quoted. One more quote:

Republican seat since 1979

Handel is the latest in a line of Republicans who have represented the district since 1979, beginning with Newt Gingrich, who would become House speaker. Most recently, Tom Price resigned in February to join Trump's administration. The president himself struggled here, though, edging Democrat Hillary Clinton but falling short of a majority among an affluent, well-educated electorate [...]

Deep south, hence, unrepresentative of a nation at large. Well-educated and low Trump margin is a juxtaposition, make of it what you will.

WWJS? What Would Jarad Say? (Publicly or to a Russian banker, either.)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Testamentary smorgasbord. If it fits your taste, it can be a First story, a Second song.

This video. Mishmosh, in advancement of schlock, is a sign of the times.

Encore. Who picked those images? Who did that soundtrack?

Who are these people? With what agenda for the rest of us?

Ryan Winkler.

Earlier, Winkler announced a conditional intent to run for Attorney General of Minnesota:

Today, [Nov. 15, 2016,] former Representative Ryan Winkler registered a campaign committee to run for Minnesota Attorney General in 2018. He released the following statement:

Minnesotans need a strong advocate in the Attorney General’s office who will fight for justice, oppose special privilege, and expand opportunity for everyone. Attorney General Lori Swanson has been such an advocate, and as a result many Minnesotans are encouraging her to pursue higher office. I am filing this campaign committee not to challenge Attorney General Swanson, but only to be prepared to lead in the event she decides not to seek re-election.

In the months ahead, I will be transitioning back to living in Minnesota full time. Spending time away from my Minnesota friends, family and colleagues has strengthened my resolve to work for the values we share. [...]

As Attorney General, I want to help make Minnesota a community of justice: a place where everyone has opportunity, where a decent living is the reward for hard work, where success is earned fairly, and where the broad interests of the people are represented in their government. The powerful and privileged have all the resources they need in our justice system. As Attorney General I will be an advocate dedicated solely to the people of Minnesota.

Ryan Winkler was born and raised in Bemidji, Minnesota, and served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2007 to 2015. During his time in the legislature, he established the 35W bridge victims compensation fund; worked with a coalition of faith, labor and non-profit groups to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage; and led his party’s efforts to expose the undisclosed funding of Minnesota elections. Since 2004, Winkler has worked in business as in-house counsel for Minnesota technology companies, and he founded the Minnesota practice chapter of the American Constitution Society in 2002. He is a graduate of the Bemidji public schools, Harvard College, and the University of Minnesota Law School.

[italics added] As a public school educated child and youth, Winkler is expected to stand strongly for public education free of intrusion and decently funded and aimed; a stance others, in fairness, should hold. Perhaps it should be a litmus test; public money for public schools.

Ryan Winkler

A record to run on.

"There's another special election happening Tuesday in South Carolina's 5th District to replace Trump's Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, but GOP nominee Ralph Norman [is] expected to easily best Democratic nominee Archie Parnell in an area where support for the president remains overall strong." [UPDATED]

Test your prowess. The headline is a quote beginning, "There's another special election happening Tuesday ..." that being today. What "other" special election might be referenced there? HINT: The quote is from here.

Further test your prowess. Predict whose tons of money shall prevail to yield the best Rep. money can buy.

That is the unwholesome premise. Of both sides: Money makes political victory.

Two corporatist dominated political parties in a faceoff where money wins, the people lose, regardless.

Go Handlel go. Win Ossoff, win.

It is not a referendum on Trump. It is a referendum on money and the two-party stranglehold. One where each wins and persists. Regardless.

Congrats in advance, to whoever.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Wednesday after voting; Handel 52%; Ossoff 48% - pay attention Perez et al., money can't buy you love. Quist would have been a more promising investment - but leaving progressives to hang out and dry is the beltway way to oblivion. Which so far they've chosen.

At least Quist enjoyed the ride. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT - Gianforte was a stronger candidate than Handel. ("Stronger" in the quality sense, not the body-slam sense. But GG topped out on both.)

So, standoff. Beltway spenders and hangers on, need the progressives or watch losing. Progressives, need the beltway set, or watch losing. That means one has to yield something to the other. Beltway Perez/Biden crowd wants to concede nothing. You cannot win that way, but is it about winning or about thinking progressives can be starved into submission? What's to lose by staying home. The beltway crowd wants the spoils, Trump has the spoils but is up 2020; it's not rocket science. Progressives have less to lose than the beltway bunch; and then there are the state houses where entrenched Dems have something to lose, un- or under-represented progressives have needs and wants which are being ignored; so what's the turnaround formula? Nothing complex in answering that.

Money can't buy you love.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Strib reports Anoka County's exceptionally high employee turnover rate. The problem is insufficient turnover on the County Board; a.k.a. ossification of officeholders not super smart at the start, with baggage-agendas.

The Board's page. Four of the headlined sort; here, here, here and here. In descending order. Perhaps some misjudgment, in the ordering, not the listing.

And I've only been able to consistently vote against one of them.

That's districting at work.

Strib's item, stating in part:

Anoka County logged the highest employee turnover rate in the seven-county metro last year. Officials say that’s partly because of a voluntary separation program as well as the typical struggles facing public-sector employers in a stronger economy: retiring baby boomers, ample private-sector jobs and fierce competition for a shrinking number of applicants.

In some counties, turnover has doubled since 2010, with officials citing trouble with recruiting and retaining employees.

“It’s a statewide issue,” said Julie Ring, executive director of the Association of Minnesota Counties. “It’s intensifying.”

Time spent hiring and training can make the churn costly, officials say. And in Anoka County, some current and former staff say pay in certain positions is largely to blame.

Department heads have made urgent pleas for salary boosts as workers are siphoned off to smaller counties and cities, where employees say they are often taking similar jobs for thousands more in pay.

[...] “It is hard to keep a highly motivated staff when they have one foot out the door or feel stupid for staying here,” [county transportation division manager, Doug] Fischer wrote.

Good quote. Notice that Board members stay. And -

“We are never going to be the county that pays the highest in the metro area, but we are looking at being within a particular range,” Chairwoman Rhonda Sivarajah said.

Rhonda stays.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Niska and Wardlow are the two Republicans, so far, wanting to become Minnesota Attorney General. Niska is the better of the two, yet when looking at Wardlow and his single legislative term, that is very faint praise.

Wardlow is a "right to work" anus. And against healthcare reform.

One Minnesota House term and out.

Chief author.

Coat tail author. Signed onto bills/resolutions by: Kiffmeyer; Lohmer; Dettmer; Drazkowski; Cornish; others. Knowing little else, one can judge him by the company he keeps.


What does highly slanted Republican propaganda say of Wardlow? This:

“As attorney general my only special interest will be for the people,” said Wardlow. “The current attorney general is the epitome of what an attorney general should not be.”

Wardlow has been involved in several constitutional cases in Minnesota, including an ongoing lawsuit in Virginia, Minnesota regarding transgender bathroom use, and a victorious suit in Belle Plaine, Minnesota concerning a cross in a veterans memorial being removed then reinstalled.

Someone should tell the demagogue that transgender people are people, and that "a cross" represents special interests. And that other special interests might object or want equal protection under law. Someone should tell him to go away, somewhere far away, and let Minnesota be nice instead of stupid. A websearch.

VoteSmart again proves the nurses association has good judgment. With VoteSmart showing that others find Wardlow easy to rate.

Defeated after a single term, by a promising, decent DFL candidate.

Video online of a stilted talking fence post turtle; two others, here and here.

Bottom line in an Uptake nutshell.

LAST: To disarm any misunderstanding. In saying Niska is a better GOP AG candidate than Wardlow; it is not by an inch but by a mile. Harry is smart. Harry is likable.

Bonus video test; see, with a stopwatch, how much you can take; here, here and/or here. Making it as far as 2 to 3 minutes into any one of the Wardlow videos will be human will overcoming good sense and best interests. Further into any Wardrow video, to the finish, makes you are a hound for punishment. Watching, is there any question why a one term wonder, in the Minnesota House? If our legislators have to listen to that kind of stuff, day in and day out, I respect their will and tolerance. I listen just a bit and want to stuff a sock in the guy's mouth.

Lori Swanson is experienced, capable, and diligent and has handled the AG office in an exemplary way for many years. The Republicans have strangled her budget. There is no cause to consider a change. But with that said, in case a Republican groundswell happens, better they have Niska as their candidate than a brick.

__________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Has Niska ANY policy positions? Still waiting . . .

We know he does not like Ryan Winkler, progressiveism, but what does he like and believe in as policy for a state's government, and not as a religious inclination?

It is early, but no better time than the present to define oneself as a Koch stooge, or better.

Still waiting . . . BS does not cut it, sir, but yes that video is only of a campaign kickoff speech. But substance is absent, so far. Criticizing the DFL is not policy, it's outside looking in, not what you'd do, if put inside.

_________FURTHER UPDATE____________
I can talk to Zeus. So there. (Not that the precursor for that statement is roundly known.)

[some of this post's updates, were rewritten a day after first posting]

Friday, June 16, 2017

Looking again at Flaherty and Collins. All appearances is they succeeded in their Ramsey rental venture, have completed another Minnesota building, and are active in many places nationwide but concentrated away from the coasts.

Mainly links without commentary. In Ramsey the project by the Northstar Commuter Rail and BNSF tracks rented near full capacity quickly and appears to still be prosperous. Despite skepticism here, it seems to have worked out positively - at least short term.

First, two current online Strib items about housing sales, and apartments. Seemingly a seller's market, each. Demand higher than supply.

Starting with the Flaherty completed Twin Cities metro area second venture, 2700 University, in St. Paul, links here, here and here. FC portfolio page. FC news page. FC page re its Ramsey venture. While the Ramsey project was being planned and built a parallel and larger project was active in the Chicago burbs; this current FC page. Back during that project's beginnings there was local skepticism, but as with Ramsey, for the short-term FC came out on top, presumably meeting the firm's full expectations. Closing, a general FC news item. An example of a pending possible-to-likely project, this in Ohio, here.


Pence lawyers up. AP. Reuters.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Paul Thissen to run for governor.

Strib reports a formal announcement will be made today, Thrusday, June 15, 2017.

In an ideal world Thissen as governor would be excellent. He and Becky Otto seem the best two in the field, so far, with it unlikely any candidate later announcing would be better. There most likely will not be an Our Revolution candidate emerging in Minnesota with a chance of winning at Governor. It's the electorate.

Strib reports:

Thissen will have to persuade the DFL activists who decide the endorsement at next year’s party convention to overlook recent political history. Under his leadership, House DFLers lost their majority in 2014 and even more seats in 2016. DFL activists are particularly worried about the 2018 election, with Republicans in position to seize full control of state government for the first time in nearly half a century.

A son of schoolteachers who went on to graduate from Harvard and the University of Chicago Law School, Thissen became speaker in 2013 after leading DFLers to a sweeping victory in House elections the previous November.

In the ensuing two years, with the DFL fully in control of state government, the Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton raised income taxes on the wealthy, paid back money borrowed from school districts and increased their funding, froze public college tuition, legalized same-sex marriage and medical marijuana, raised the state minimum wage, paved the way for unionization of thousands of personal care attendants and took on other issues like school bullying and women’s economic equality.

There are idiots. With a never ending tedious mantra, nothing else to say, in their own behalf:

“It’s no wonder Thissen led the House DFL into the minority under his failed leadership — Minnesotans simply can’t afford his style of government,” said John Rouleau, executive director of the GOP-aligned Minnesota Jobs Coalition. He cited several other highlights of Thissen’s stint as speaker — the creation of Minnesota’s MNsure insurance exchange and approval of a $90 million in state funds for a state Senate office building that became a favorite target of Republicans.

The fact legislative majorities were lost while Thissen was speaker was not his fault, but will be said to be.

Thissen said he learned lessons from a series of DFL House race losses in 2014 that followed the party’s burst of activity at the Capitol. “We haven’t shown up in all the places we need to be,” he said, referring to areas of greater Minnesota where the DFL lost legislative seats that it had held for years. “And, we need to better about respecting everyone in the state.”

He first ran for governor in 2010, and finished a surprisingly strong third at the DFL convention; he took over as the leader of House Democrats in 2011 and relinquished the post at the end of last year. He said he has traveled around Minnesota as much as nearly any elected official in the past decade, having conversations with DFL activists and regular voters.

Bottom line current feelings. If voting in a primary, it would be Thissen or Otto getting my vote, of candidates emerging so far. With a tilt toward Otto because of a faith that she'd deal more properly with Tom Baak than any of the other DFL'ers. Who emerges as the GOP candidate is uncertain. They have no one with the promise of Thissen or Otto, or Walz for that matter. They are clowns, but too many who vote in Minnesota want clowns, particularly ones close to Jesus or saying so. Thinking back to Tom Pawlenty as governor, it is important that there be a DFL victory after Dayton's leadership period. If anything, the present Republican mood is substantially worse than Pawlenty. Speaking of faith and voting entirely as GOP leadership, in its "wisdom" decides, is not representing anyone but GOP leadership. Close to Lucero is not top notch, in the view of some but unfortunately not enough of our state's voters - in some districts. Peggy Scott also comes to mind.

Harvard undergrad and U.Chi law school are hurdles few could clear.

Kurt Daudt used to sell cars and carry his handgun in his Lexis when going west to buy yet another older Ford Bronco, apparently wanting not only one but more than one, for some never clarified reasons. Bless Kurt for his judgment and accomplishments. He at least has the admirable decency to not blame Jesus for any character faults he may have. He seems less the problem in the Minnesota GOP than others, as a more straightforward person than some, even while never being confused with Our Revolution or Justice Democrats quality. Better than some colleagues, guessing he was not the one that invented the standoff touched last in fit retaliation via line item veto. Fellow traveler to instigation of that mischief, yes, but original instigator, you tell me the twisted mind where that brain fart came from.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Two questions.

First, do Attorneys General prosecute violent crimes? Fiscal crimes, the kind Harry Niska would know about, there's the precedent of Elliot Spitzer shaking down Wall Street for settlement money before he got bimboed out of office. It seems that county prosecuting attorneys prosecute local state crimes such as rape, murder, mayhem, etc. where local judicial arrangements, juror pool familiarity, etc. govern. Then, while U.S. Attorneys each in his/her district does the same for federal crime; the U.S. Attorney General does not do such work (but each district U..S. Attorney reports to the Department of Justice centralized leadership). The federal arrangement is closer to what Niska's proposing, (, but it's not a pattern in Minnesota criminal law enforcement to centralize and not be "local control" focused. Each county attorney is separately elected and does not report to and work as an employee at will of the Attorney General. Centralizing might have problems. An ancillary question, does Niska have any idea of the budget the Republicans have been saddling Swanson with, and has he detail of how he'd prioritize dollars and cents without wanting more money and hence higher taxes? Beyond spinning more-for-less gossamer?

Second, does Cory Booker yet have a multi-mil book deal? If not, what's holding him back? Does it take a village to raise a book deal?

Below is a screenshot of content from:

It is presented with highlighting two things where brevity should yield to detail. Click it, to enlarge and see highlighting.

First highlighting: "aggressively prosecute violent crime" is the basis for the opening first question (above first paragraph). A question of jurisdiction and duty; and of reach and budget as well as state-county balance.

Second highlighting: The promised focus upon what is "best for Minnesota, not my own ... ideology" begs the question of what's between the Niska ears on what's best for us, within his "ideology."

"What is best" in an absolute sense within Harry Niska's mind might differ from my equally subjective viewpoint.



MONEY: Concerning the question, the Private School Review website notes for Legacy Christian Academy in Andover, MN:

Coming down to public fund usage, work those numbers out: 464 students at $7,900 a pop yields this non-profit a tidy $3,665,600 annual haul; and while opinions can differ, I'd shit a brick if seeing $3.7 million public dollars handed over to ideologically questionable privateers.

Wouldn't you?

Indoctrination of one's children in ways one chooses is arguably a parental right as long as they pay the cost to be the boss. Would the next slippery slope step be home schooling parents wanting voucher money to their own account? Give them back their paid taxes that way? Would that be fair to childless couples paying public schooling taxes? It is a thicket.

Bottom line: Even apart from the Niska AG candidacy, Minnesotans should in their next voting round be ready, given the unfortunate DeVos appointment by Trump, to face yet another voucher-premised attempted raid on the treasured public schooling fisc; while the Niska candidacy appears to present the question as possibly more real than hypothetical.

Under my radar for about a month; but all politics is local.

Harry Niska is bright. A bright lawyer. I got to know that while he was vice-chair of Ramsey's Charter Commission. If I were constructing some intricate business operation and/or had complex business litigation issues and could afford his fee, I'd be happy were he to represent me. If he's been practicing much other than business law, I could not say. The only Google Scholar online links I found are here and here. (A case that never should have happened through no fault of Niska.)

He's with Ross and Orenstein, LLC, in Minnesota:

with this as the firm's Niska bio.


That litigation experience listing mentions more than Google Scholar returned by searching "Harry Niska," where representations under his full given name might have been missed via that search.

A business lawyer. Clearly so. With "bizlaw" embedded in the firm's website name.

After saying Niska is bright; Is He Ambitious? You decide:

source: CFB, here

source: CFB, here

Has he good political judgment, blowing a certain dog whistle via nominal campaign chair identity? You decide that too. Peggy Scott is like Abigale Whalen. (If you don't believe me, ask Whelan, she'd be happy to have the discussion.)

However, anybody who would not want himself and the chosen political party he's associated himself with making an endorsement of Tim Tingelstad and/or Dan Griffith, for whatever reasons he contested that, cannot be all bad. (Niska's lawyer in that case presently is registered with the CFB as Niska's campaign treasurer; i.e., of a feather and still flocking together.)

Now, is he right for the job? The answer to that, knowing nothing of Doug Wardlow as the other 2017 AG Republican wannabe, I'd trust Harry more than an unknown person, and given Swanson's incumbency strength on the DFL side if there ends up being a primary I'd consider crossing over to vote for Harry as devil [i.e., Republican] I know. Actually, if Swanson's Democratic Party opposition involves either an Our Revolution or a Justice Democrats endorsement, I'd stay in the Dem primary and vote then, if such endorsements arise, for change. Some things preempt others, and it's not saying Swanson's done a particularly good, nor particularly bad job. Just, voting one's conscience. But I digress.

Now my complaints - No. 1. A nothingburger of an "issue" page; lame beyond excuse:

It is lame to put on the web:

I’m running to enforce and uphold the law on behalf of all Minnesotans in every courtroom.

when the defining issue of the day, law-wise, is Daudt and confederates passing a poison pill to Dayton, and Dayton saying, "See you and raise you one." So, Harry, which side would you, as hypothetical present AG, "enforce?" One knows Harry would be intrigued by the situation, he has that kind of mind, and my belief is he'd say the legislature has Constitutional power to do what they did, and because the line item veto is Constitutional, Dayton too acted within his powers, and it is not a justiciable controversy because the judicial branch, in deference to its place, must allow a political question between the other two branches to either stall the government with all the mischief the Daudt first shot would entail; or there must be reasonableness given that the first poison pill did not poison the well and if good sense had prevailed it would never have been delivered. Within legislative powers, and making good sense often are incongruent. Daudt and confederates were horses asses in doing what they did, and Dayton was correct on calling them out so that Daudt et al. will be the ones bending to reason.

Dayton's had his two term elections and the Republican instigators will want to keep their paychecks; so they must cave in. If the court gets it right in any event.

But where's Harry? Big key issue and he's feeding issue-pablum via his website, as if we cannot see it as such and thus insulting.

Moreover, what content are we to read into, "enforce and uphold the law," when separation of church and state stands as the bedrock principle underlying a state and nation's public education being free of religious school voucherism? In that sense, the website's vacuous statement begs to be fleshed out in detail.

private church school tykes singing, "I Can Talk to God"

Complaint No. 2 -- AND THIS COULD BE BIG: This is based on a presumption that the Jen Niska who posted that YouTube is Harry's spouse, and that their children go to a private school WHERE at a young age they are brought to sing, "I can talk to god."

I gravely fear any chance whatsoever of an AG not dedicated one hundred percent to public education and only to that: for taxpayer money only going to public education, not vouchers, as that DeVos idiot advocates.

If a different Jen Niska posted that YouTube video, no problem. If it's from the Jen Niska of Harry and Jen in Ramsey, Minnesota - BIG TIME PROBLEM. Some taxpayers, not having children willingly pay public school taxes in order to have a body of educated generations taking over things as elders age and die. Taxation of the public, education-wise, is for public schooling and for nothing else, and if some want to send their children to a Legacy Christian Academy, then on their nickle, not somebody else's. I trust public education. I advocate spending more to make it better. It is the future of town, state, and nation being shaped.



That said, I am not as good as a facial recognition program in NSA hands in determining whether the person in that video is the same Jen Niska pictured here, here and here. But I think it is.

I was wrong. I cut more slack than to think knee-jerk party-line narrowness:

Apparently that nothingberger "issues" fluff thing had a purpose. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander is an older saying than some recognize.

Anyway, expecting more than that is subject to a "twit" - isn't that what you call a twitter post - by length limits, so that thought and analysis take a back seat. For those interested, here and here. It is not a facile thing. But those twits can make it seem so. At least this twit is reassuring that Harry would be protective of everyone's right to finance through taxes only inviolable public education free of shady special-interest voucher looting done as if the establishment clause had never been written:

Apart from Twitter and its twits - that is what they're called, yes/no? - an earlier post here.

___________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
It appears Niska did a Facebook post somewhere about the "See ya, raise ya," but I don't do Facebook, so if a reader would send me a screencapture of it, I will post it, in fairness to Harry since the implication is he fashioned a Constitutional argument, and again, he is bright so it must have been coherent in disposing of the political question - justiciability objection. The belief that handwaving can overcome the pure stupidity of legislative defunding the Department of Revenue would only resonate with a bunch of lawyers anyway. Real people would see, "Hey, you've killing the government that way, or making the threat to, and that's an Anarchist at work, doing that." Handing a Governor an anarchist document seems to suggest legislators suffering substance abuse, that or the Mark Twain "but I am repeating myself" quote:

More so, for the fish in a smaller pond than Congress. (Did Twain know some ancestor of Paul Ryan? Or of DWS?)

When will Jarad Kushner testify publicly before Congressional panels?

Is he making family business documents available as well as documents generated from his actions in the Executive branch?

Ossoff had better win.

AJC reports:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent $4.3 million in the runoff phase, and other left-leaning groups have chipped in around $500,000. But his fundraising totals means he hasn’t needed as much additional firepower.

Contrast the flood of spending in Georgia with the other recent House special elections. Montana’s air wars cost about $10 million, though Democrats only reluctantly helped Rob Quist after weeks of attack ads from GOP groups. And less than $200,000 was spent by outside groups in the Kansas race.

Rob and Halladay ought to incorporate the Cabaret "Money Makes the World Go Round" song into their repertoire. Their world spun less than Ossoff's, ya betcha; DNC being penny wise, pound foolish with the body-slammer winning. Rob has a good heart. For trying, for singing, for music, for people. He'd make a good Senator.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump learned from Roy Cohn the tactic of dropping lawsuits hither and yon, and now . . .

. . . chickens come home to roost? In the WaPo item:

If a federal judge allows the case to proceed, Racine and Frosh say, one of the first steps will be to demand through the discovery process copies of Trump’s personal tax returns to gauge the extent of his foreign business dealings. That fight would most likely end up before the Supreme Court, the two said, with Trump’s attorneys having to defend why the returns should remain private.

“This case is, at its core, about the right of Marylanders, residents of the District of Columbia and all Americans to have honest government,” Frosh said. To fully know the extent of Trump’s constitutional violations “we’ll need to see his financial records, his taxes that he has refused to release.”

Racine said he felt obligated to sue Trump in part because the Republican-controlled Congress has not taken the president’s apparent conflicts seriously.

“We’re getting in here to be the check and balance that it appears Congress is unwilling to be,” he said.

(When suggesting discovery of Trump tax returns, "checks and balances" seems an apt term.) WaPo reports that more litigation is in the pipes:

The constitutional question D.C. and Maryland will put before a federal judge is whether Trump’s business ownership amount to violations of parts of the Constitution known as the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses.

[...] The lawsuit, to be filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, will be the latest and most significant legal challenge to Trump over the issue of emoluments. The first was filed in January by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a D.C.-based watchdog group. In March, a D.C. restaurant sued Trump, alleging the new Trump International Hotel in D.C. benefits from unfair advantages because of its close association with the president. And last week, a group of Democratic members of Congress said they plan to file suit soon. Each, however, has faced legal hurdles over standing to sue the president.

In the Trump administration’s most detailed response yet, the Department of Justice filed a 70-page legal brief on Friday arguing the CREW lawsuit should be dismissed. The administration said Trump’s businesses are legally permitted to accept payments from foreign governments while he is in office. [...] going all the way back to farm produce sold abroad by George Washington — to assert that market-rate payments for Trump’s real estate, hotel and golf companies do not constitute emoluments as defined by the Constitution.

Racine and Frosh, however, argue Trump’s violations are on scale never seen before and that both D.C. and Maryland are being adversely affected by the Trump hotel near the White House.

[...] Maryland argues that it has special standing to sue. As one of the original states that approved the Constitution, Maryland gave up a clause in its own state declaration that had required its governors not to take any gifts from foreign governments or other states.

[...] Strict adherence to the emoluments clauses, D.C. and Maryland argue, “ensure that Americans do not have to guess whether a President who orders their sons and daughters to die in foreign lands acts out of concern for his private business interests; they do not have to wonder if they lost their job due to trade negotiations in which the President has a personal stake; and they never have to question whether the President can sit across the bargaining table from foreign leaders and faithfully represent the world’s most powerful democracy, unencumbered by fear of harming his own companies.”

The suit seeks an injunction to force Trump to stop violating the Constitution, but leaves it up to the court to decide how that should be accomplished.

WaPo posts a link to the actual court filing; online here. Of interest, it appears the Justice Department is representing the billionaire, with him not having to pay his own litigation expenses? There was a Bubba Clinton Legal Defense Fund, back then, when, apparently, litigation costs were privatized.

Trump wants the public to carry his weight, hence, research might be needed on why Bubba's situation was apparently different. (Somebody interested enough should pursue that question.)

And I thought Republicans want stuff privatized. Perhaps there's some devilish detail at play?

UPDATE: It seems the same shoe fits Kushner. Why is he not being sued; he took some form of oath of office, didn't he?

FURTHER: The CREW suit, online here. Brookings paper, same topic, here. Reporting from January, 2017.

Nelson Rockefeller was VP back after Ford pardoned Nixon and Agnew was bypassed; and with his net worth, how did he skate? Aside from being one of the elite which is now suing Trump, is it a distinction without a difference? After Attica Rockefeller had, in the minds of some, more baggage than Trump ever will have.

FURTHER: Without pretending to have studied sources, the CREW v Trump suit has a Wikipedia page.

Second Amended Complaint, CREW v Trump, here.

Internet Archive materials, here; specifically having DOJ response items, Motion to Dismiss, and Memorandum in Support of Motion, i.e., the Trump (via DOJ) responsive papers.

The Archive items were found as linked to from here. There is much reporting online, without further linking, readers are encouraged to do their own research. Because of the recency of the motion/memorandum, June 9, 2017; the CREW response is unavailable until filed, with a future deadline.

For a hoot, here. Yep. Nothing there. Perhaps due to a lack of search term specificity: "CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS IN WASHINGTON, Plaintiff, v. DONALD J. TRUMP, in his official capacity as President."

Surely not evasiveness by the Sessions' minions. Downplaying what's unwelcome? Not that. Not from JB.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

Gianforte reported as Montana's next Representative. [UPDATED]

*while on a posting holiday/vacation, layout and sidebar editing happens; some might care to look*

Needing to understand how a near ideal candidate on a near ideal policy set lost as he did, it might be time to take a month off from posting. Allow the Georgia election to happen. Allow a Ryan budget to fare as it may. Allow the DNC to fare as it may. Allow Onward Together to gain funding. All without posting.

Montana had the opportunity to make a difference. And declined. Allow Montanans to appreciate their voting majority's decision.

Allow New York and California Single Payer attempts to happen or be stymied. Watch New York and California join Colorado and Oregon and Washington as bellweather states on changing parts of a status quo, or not. As always these things resolve apart from any single blog analysis and opinion publishing.

Let them. Another option would be to close the blog and remove all content. That drastic a step is not anticipated.

But a month off will be nice. It could lengthen. If an issue seems important enough during the next month, during June, there might be posting but likely not.

There are quality people in Montana. That clearly includes the Quist family.

That Gallitin MT creationist museum is offensive to science and to thought. Ayn Rand would have had her architect dynamite it.

Gianforte's letter of apology, posted and analyzed, Huffpo.

Having nothing to do with Montana nor, of course, any contention of omitted sentiment in an apology; Strib reporting on post game commentary of LeBron - at closing paragraphs:

As for his own future, James, who is averaging 32 points, 12.3 rebounds and 10.3 assists in the Finals, said he hasn't decided how much longer he'll play.

"I definitely want to compete," he said. "I want to compete for championships every year, and so we'll see what happens."

And James has once again been criticized for not being more aggressive late in Game 3, when he made a pass to Kyle Korver. The sharpshooter missed a potential game-sealing 3-pointer with 50 seconds left. Durant then came down and made his go-ahead 3.

James broke down the play, highlighting every detail — Green with five fouls, Durant collapsing, Curry guarding Kevin Love and Korver being open in the short corner — before delivering his own counter punch.

"I would do the same exact thing," he said.

As the day of reckoning is days away in Montana, the national mainstream media are reporting, but with a beltway bias readers can see for themselves, via Google news websearch returns. [UPDATED and topside]


Two web searches to keep bookmarked through the week; each Google news, clearly overlapping:

search = montana

search = montana election quist gianforte

Perhaps a third, or some combo - with this one being a Bing News search, not Google:

search = montana money trump

With the notion there in that last suggestion that beltway pundits want it "a referendum on Trump" which is simplification, beltway bias, and thought channeling that is not fully merited. Also, a referendum on spending in a Congressional seat election wholly out of line with what 2018 with more seats in play might show.

Perhaps the best idea might be simply

search = montana

because it is unbiased toward the election and candidates, just, what's news to the TWO search engines, Google News, or Bing News, leading up to Thursday.

What are the pundits saying, how intensely nationally is the Montana race in focus, and what might it lead one to expect; vs Friday, May 26, when the result is in?

Then, will the pundits be phrasing the result as related to Georgia CD6, or will the pundits ignore any such implication and solely be in apology mode, or told-you-so mode?

Apart from Montana, other flyover land, Strib local content re-headlined for the season: "Guide to Minnesota's 13 national wildlife refuges -- Minnesota is home to 13 national wildlife refuges, each with a distinct set of attractions for hunters, anglers, birders and wildlife-watchers. - By Doug Smith Star Tribune - September 25, 2014 — 5:27pm;" source of this image as proof a redwing blackbird will perch on anything to declare and overview territory in breeding season.

Go to the Strib item to enlarge the image full size.

This year male redwings have shown up, but the females migrate later, and I have yet to see them this year in Anoka County.

Public lands matter in the midwest too; but with the issue not as intense as in the west; no Cliven Bundy business happening here, no threat of private expropriation and/or exploitation. No politicians suing the State to limit recreational access of the citizenry via contesting established easements. Minnesota Nice instead.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE______________
Bonus video: Bernie taking time at MSU to talk outside to the overflow crowd of young people - the future of the Democratic Party if the party has a future.

____________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
The Observer, this link with part of the headlining:

‘If you do it here in Montana, we can do it in every state’

And that is why beltway Republicans and their donors and lobbyists for the Trump/Ryan status quo of shame are focused like a laser beam on defeating Rob Quist. They know the truth of that sub-headline. And their wish and will is to add another millionaire to their heartless cabal. Progress needs Quist.

That last paragraph was plain awful, so try again:
Beltway Republicans and their donors and lobbyists for the Trump/Ryan status quo are putting exceptional amounts of money into their effort to defeat Rob Quist. They know the truth of that sub-headline. They oppose progress and they know: Progress needs Quist.

Better. The message IS that progress needs Quist, and it shows better in the re-write.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gianforte assaults a reporter in Montana on the eve of the election. He did it himself. He did not outsource the assault.

Hope the reporter had good health coverage.

Montana Cowgirl Blog features the story.

You cannot help but hope the situation blows off his chance at going to DC to try to nail down that eight hundred grand tax bonanza that the Ryancare cruelty was aimed to deliver to him and his class.

Poetic justice. And Quist is a poet, as well as a musician and song writer.

A ballad IS due on this story. It can be Montana lore for years.

What's vexing, he had the opportunity to do it to the Trump child.

UPDATE: It's catching.

CBS News screencapture
click image to enlarge and read

In light of Gianforte, wrap your mind around the image, "Pence goes on to slam House Democrats, specifically Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, ...".

FURTHER: YouTube posting of morning after reporting. Comprehensive. Montana newspapers withdrew their Ginaforte endorsement, at 0:25 or so in the video report.

FURTHER: Mother Jones has written it up, Gianforte appearing to lie about what happened:

The reporter, Ben Jacobs of the Guardian, had previously broken a major story about Gianforte's investments in Russian companies.

[...] According to audio of the encounter posted by the Guardian, Gianforte's outburst came after Jacobs asked him about the Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the GOP health care bill, which Gianforte had previously signaled he was supportive of. "I am sick and tired of you guys!," Gianforte can be heard shouting. "The last guy who came in here did the same thing. Get the hell out of here!"

In a statement, a Gianforte spokesman blamed Jacobs for the incident, asserting that Jacobs was responsible for "pushing them both to the ground."

Statement from Gianforte on @bencjacobs: "aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist"

— Holly Bailey (@hollybdc) May 25, 2017

[...] Update: Three members of the Fox News crew that was preparing to interview Gianforte when the incident happened have now corroborated Jacobs' account, and added some new details:

Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the man, as he moved on top the reporter and began yelling something to the effect of "I'm sick and tired of this!"

After Jacobs left the room, Fox News' Alicia Acuna reported, "Gianforte looked at the three of us and repeatedly apologized."

[bolding and links in original, italics emphasis added] Gianforte is a large man, apparently a hot-head who cannot stand the heat per the Truman adage. The reporter was normal size, and obviously taken by surprise in that candidates do not usually assault reporters, it's a rare thing.



FURTHER: An online law enforcement press conference noted five eyewitnesses. That includes, apparently, Ginanforte as perpetrator, the Guardian reporter as victim, and the three FOX employees as independent eyewitnesses who noted Gianforte's conduct, per the MJ quote above. If so, no Ginaforte staffer was present.

Why misdemeanor assault? Why not felony? It seems questionable charging. Apparently at the time of that press conference prosecutors had not filed any charge, per the officer's response to a specific question.

Next, a Guardian Report filed by the victim of the Gianforte assault, prior to the assault. Read it all. Judge for yourself: Is there any provocative bias to it that would inspire a viscous attack? The man seems too tightly wound when there's some pressure, to be one earning voter respect. Certainly assaulting an unsuspecting victim is not anything to respect. It's like sucker punching someone, but less injury appears to have ensued. It appears no head injury was caused, which is always the worry if being unsuspectingly felled to the ground. CNN in a panel discussion compare audio of the situation with a statement issued the press by Gianforte operatives, and it is not a favorable comparison for the Gianforte prepared statement, truth being the question. FOX eyewitnesses clearly stated there was no provocation.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that there was probable cause to issue a citation, but the nature of the injuries “did not meet the statutory elements of a felony assault.”

Still, the incident sent shockwaves across the country and resulted in three key Montana newspapers taking back their earlier endorsements. [...]

The incident occurred Wednesday evening when a Fox News team was scheduled to interview Gianforte at his campaign headquarters. The [three person FOX] team said Ben Jacobs, the reporter from The Guardian, pressed Gianforte about the newly released Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act.

Gianforte told Jacobs to talk to his press officer. At some point, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground, according to witnesses.

The crew watched Gianforte punch the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, “I'm sick and tired of this!” [...]

Federal records show that the Gallatin County sheriff donated $250 to Gianforte's congressional campaign in March. In his statement, Sheriff Brian Gootkin confirmed the donation, but said, "This contribution has nothing to do with our investigation, which is now complete."

Gianforte is scheduled to appear in Gallatin County Justice Court between Wednesday night and June 7. He would face a maximum $500 fine or six months in jail if convicted.

[link in original, italics added] Montana law would determine whether the unprovoked nature of the assault and the language used established intent to cause severe bodily harm, and according to the story the degree of actual ensuing bodily injury is a factor in a choice between misdemeanor vs felony charges. The Sheriff's office appears to have issued a citation, with it unclear whether this was with or without prior consultation with a prosecuting attorney; nor has any campaign contribution by prosecuting authorities been reported, either way. Details linger, but an unprovoked assault is what it is, and instability under pressure is a disadvantageous trait for any office seeker. From all things report, he derserves maximum fine and jail time, in my view; which had it been Quist breaking loose that way, would be the same. Opinions on that can differ. Again, really, why not felony assault remains unclear.

FURTHER: DCCC has prepared a "What happens when you ask Greg Gianforte a Question" ad; linked to and/or embedded on the latest Cowgirl post.

FURTHER: Direct URL for the new DCCC ad. It is a negative ad, true, but he earned it beyond any doubt. It is interesting the pro-GG trolls are absent today from Cowgirl blog posting. Quelled enthusiasm, or just sound judgment as with the withdrawn press endorsements?

FURTHER: The Atlantic [links in original]:

The citation for assault was an eleventh-hour twist in a race where as many as two-thirds of the ballots had already been cast. Several of the state’s largest newspapers, including The Billings Gazette, The Missoulian, and The Helena Independent Record withdrew their endorsements of Gianforte. “This incident is not Montana. It's not America,” said the Gazette. “It's not who we are, and attacking — literally — those with whom we disagree cannot be justified, tolerated or explained away.”

My nickle bets the guy will not be honorable and drop the contest. He's got eight hundred thousand reasons to regret but stay; each a dollar; each a part of the tax break Ryan's Cruelcare which, if passed, would have yielded him. A piece of work.

FURTHER: FOX gives us: Minneapolis mayor Hodges gave her State-of-the-State speech in a mosque because of a belief that "the city's Muslim community is under attack from the Trump administration." FOX town scold Hegseth posed the hypothetical to the mayor, "... would you do it in a church?" He should pose that question to Gianforte. There in front of the alter and the Cross on the wall. WHAM? Knocking over an incense censer? Scattering alter boys who wonder, does me mean for us to "Get the hell out?"

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hello Montana and the nation: The CBO analysis of the Ryancare trainwreck bill passed on narrowly to the Senate is out now and it says - "It's a trainwreck."

WaPo reporting, NPR reporting, The Hill reporting.

The CBO document itself, online here.

Al Franken on the Senate floor analyzing, with little sympathy for Ryancare, or for dishonesty behind it.

Greg Gianforte wants his taxes cut, as he said when calling east coast lobbyists to raise money. While cheering on the House's Ryancare passage. What passed would mean lower Gianforte family taxes if passed into law.

Bill opponents: Two generations of the Quist family, both musicians, pictured by NPR.

It's a better talent than outsourcing jobs.

It must be great to have a talented daughter. Trump would probably wish for that.

UPDATE: The Franken report has the Senate floor speech video posted. Franken begins by noting rural impacts of the Ryan package. As noted to him by Minnesota rural healthcare providers  during community visits, things would degrade to "survival of the fittest." Towns are further apart in Montana than in Minnesota. Effects would be more severe.

FURTHER: The Franken floor speech is clear, chilling, and true. If you feel you've not a half hour to run that video, you are a fool.

FURTHER: If you believe Greg Gianforte getting an $800,000 cut in his taxes is great stuff even if he attains it by putting millions of Americans closer to death and bankruptcy and losing homes and having retirement savings wiped out; don't bother watching the Franken explanations. He was aiming his remarks at others than Greg and his fellow travelers.

Isn't it refreshing to see all the young people with young thoughts and issues that Tom Perez has brought into the DNC leadership so it would not ossify or die off?

This link. And an eye toward the future. Clearly with this fresh bunch the sin of superdelegate domination over voter opinion and preferences will be a thing of the past. Because they love democracy and the democratic process. And because a fifteen buck minimum wage is an issue it impresses how minimum wage earners are disproportionately represented among the hands on the levers. It makes a strong impression.

They have a "DONATE" page, but not any report online at the site on how the funding is shaking out; income and expenditures stuff. Were it expected to be of interest to voters it clearly would be there, but voters don't care where they get money from or how it is spent. A photo of Trump suffices:

click and
"fight back"

What is a minor trouble, personal to me and clearly of little or no interest to any others, I don't want to "fight back," I want to fight forward.

Nothing there for me, so unlike the multitude, I'm not giving them a single cent; but clearly, somebody is paying the bills.

It's your feelings, stupid. These video talking heads are clearly barking up a wrong tree.


___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Also, the Tom Perez courage in being unequivocal about his Single Payer commitment is compelling. A shade less enthusiastic over Single Payer than Perez, Nina Turner, this video, in support of California's Single Payer legislation effort.

Isn't the reported fortitude and rectitude shown by key Democratic Party inner party functionaries on the Single Payer issue something to behold? It makes you want to cry.

Perez in his DC bunker [DNC DC bunker] is seeing California, per the Nina Turner previous link, and New York pressing upon him from both coasts on Single Payer, and once the nation is energized he clearly will articulate he was for it all along, and it was just Bernie's irrational exuberance that made him play straight man to the Vermont Senator's turn of words. And that he likes heading the DNC and however things shake out he presently has good health coverage from it. And he may be expected to add his support for remaining a superdelegate, feeling super about Single Payer and all once dust has settled and it's law. Getting there, a tiny hedge here and there perhaps, DNC on record as wanting big donor money, but when appropriate expect Perez to say where his heart was all along. He is that kind of a man.

All along able to live with remaining a superdelegate with uninterrupted or unnderfunded DNC paid coverage, and at the right time he might be satisfied to endorse a prior passage into law, once done, of the New York measure Gottfried sponsored and described:

New York Health would be a boon to business. Employer spending on health care eats up a median 12.8% of payroll costs on health insurance, up more than 50% in a decade, with small businesses spending even higher percentages. According to the Friedman study, New York Health could be funded through an income assessment averaging just 8.1% of payroll.

“New Yorkers deserve better,” said Assembly Member Gottfried. “We should be able to go to the doctor when we need to, without worrying whether we can afford it. We should choose our doctors and hospitals without worrying about network restrictions. We deserve health coverage for all of us, paid for based on our ability to pay, not what the market will bear. I’m proud the Assembly has passed the New York Health Act, and I look forward to working with a great community of advocates including medical professionals, medical students, organized labor, and Senate sponsor Bill Perkins, to enact it into law.”

New York Health has been endorsed by the NYS Academy of Family Physicians, NYS American Academy of Pediatrics, NYS Nurses Association, Committee of Interns and Residents, Doctors Council SEIU, NY chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, SEIU 1199, NYS AFL-CIO, Communications Workers of America, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1056 and 1179, United Auto Workers 9 & 9A, UFCW Local 1500, Capital District Area Labor Federation, Local 32BJ SEIU, NYSUT, United Federation of Teachers, Working Families Party, Green Party, Citizen Action, StateWide Senior Action Council, NYPIRG, League of Women Voters, and others.

Once two houses have passed it and a governor's signed it Perez would be the first to stand up and say, "It's law, in New York." Being hasty, no call for that, because tardiness is next to godliness. Even with Mamon a lead god, tardiness is the best policy. While, of course, being there all along.

Who besides the Republicans are running Nancy Pelosi these days?

Politico, today, May 24, stating in part:

Republicans have long demonized Pelosi, even before she won the speaker’s gavel in 2006, in a strategy that her supporters say reeks of sexism. But the plan for the most part has been wildly successful, with the GOP controlling the House since 2010 and likely for the foreseeable future. And with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gone but Pelosi still House minority leader, she’s Republicans’ primary Democratic punching bag.

This time, Republicans aren’t the only ones tuning in to see whether vilifying Pelosi is still a winning strategy. Pelosi’s caucus, restless after years in the minority under her leadership, is watching what happens now more than ever. And some are already privately demanding change if Democrats don’t pick up one of the special election seats up for grabs.

“There’s a real widespread sense if the Republicans’ only attack on us is Nancy Pelosi, why are we leading with our chin?” said one House Democrat. “There’s a greater and greater sense that it’s time for a change in leadership.”

Pelosi’s advocates say any talk of a change in leadership is minor at most and completely unrealistic. And, they argue, Republicans are only targeting her because they have nothing to show for having all the power in Washington.

“The GOP brand is in tatters, and their top legislative priority, Trumpcare, polls at 17 percent,” said Jorge Aguilar, executive director of Pelosi for Congress. “The tired, rehashed strategy of attacking Pelosi doesn’t work and demonstrates just how bankrupt of ideas House Republicans are.”

“Clearly, House Republicans recognize they have no message to run on in the midterms and they’re desperately grasping at straws,” said Tyler Law, a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman.

While the special election for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s old seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District pits Republican Karen Handel against Democrat Jon Ossoff, Republicans in Georgia and Washington have tried to shove Pelosi front and center, peppering mentions of her name and her picture into paid ads for months.

And when Gianforte's strong point is he phone calls lobbyists seeking five grand a pop from each, praises Ryancare's abdication, and says, now get to lowering my taxes; take a dump on Nancy because, why?

Quist has been there and suffered that; big money running both parties; and he's ready to be a real representative for a change.

Dylan Ratigan - What ended his career on MSNBC. Finding things on YouTube that too few people have viewed, and until now were unknown to me.

This video. Hat tip to this one for the insight to track down the first. Each in large measure speaks for itself.

That's all watched before the post is published. Two links, here and here. Do yourself a favor. Follow them.

This fuller video of the first linked item. Very few viewers noted.

Hello, Greg Gianforte.

UPDATE: At about 8:30 into the last video, check out the woman at the workstation in the background and her boogie.

FURTHER: DWS. Who is still in Congress. Because Tim Canova was insufficiently backed. And because she's strong in the district. Ratigan, back years ago in those videos explained the DC money flowing into Montana for Gianforte. May the best Quist win.

FURTHER: Older MSNBC days.

Little known facts of DC: A quarter of a billion taxpayer dollars annually goes to Senate staff. More, four hundred thirteen million to House staff. Each party like the other that way.

Ballotpedia, here.

Spoils of winning/holding office. Montana is part of the pack. Do you suppose the DCCC and RNCC get staff contributions? SuperPACs?

Is the public being served by public servants in such arrangements? Who do staff talk to besides lobbyists? Do lobbyist ranks consist in large measure of former staffers and former office holders? Is that good for the pubic? Is such a level of spending creating inertia against reform? Against progress?

House Majority PAC [a Dem one] has invested in an "Our Pain is His Gain" Montana video ad focused on Gianforte's lobbyist call attaboy for the Ryancare handoff to the Senate. GOP counters. Quist GOTV ads are the important ones.

The video, online here. Hat tip to KOS for presenting the link, per this online item.

There's the old saying, every little bit helps.

UPDATE: GOP attack video ad against Quist also noted by KOS.

Greg running against Nancy Pelosi again. Yawn. Nothing positive said about Gianforte in the item. It looks to be generic "Hate on Pelosi" content, filmed with a Quist lead-in, but surely avoiding Greg's attaboy of the Ryancare business in DC. Don't look there, as if it never happened but it did.

Every Quist vote is important and the deadline is tomorrow.

FURTHER - Top sidebar item, click the image, weigh the Quist GOTV need.

THE HILL: Pence records robocall for GOP candidate ahead of Montana special election

Fitting. The man's a robot, so what better role than a robo call? There probably is a GOTV fools list of registered Republicans set to be called.

At least his dog in the hunt, Gianforte is not a robot. As said earlier swapping the two, Pence the candidate, Gianforte the vice president would be an improvement, but faint praise is what it is.

Rob Quist is the better man than Pence and Gianforte together, throw in Paul Ryan, still Quist is more than a cowboy hat taller than that troika.

Rob Quist will enhance and not imperil the health and access to pharmaceuticals and care of the nation, Montana and the rest of the nation together getting better representation. Every Quist vote will be important because Republican GOTV tactics have been honed to sell a bill of goods to the unsuspecting.