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Friday, August 18, 2017

"Kushner has also told people that he thinks Mercer and her father, the hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer — who poured $13 million into a super PAC that supported Ted Cruz’s campaign in the Republican primary and came around to Trump after he won the nomination — have taken too much credit for their role in Trump's victory, and he has expressed misgivings about their go-it-alone approach to outside spending boosting Trump’s agenda. 'If Bannon leaves the White House, Bekah’s access and influence shrinks dramatically,' said the GOP operative who talks to Mercer."

Bannon tune time. So, who had Pilate's ear? Shouting a choice for Barabbas? Commentary on the Bannon ouster by Kushner appears to not have been reported, nor sought, nor given.

Related or not this. On such a consideration, commentary by Mike Pence appears to not have been reported, nor sought, nor given.

In closing, the headline quote is from here. In the present situation, commentary on the Banon ouser by either of the Mercers appears to not have been reported, nor sought, nor given.

Silence may be golden, but candor is more of a hoot.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Whitewash of treatment accorded black college athletes.

This site links to this lengthy online pdf item. (Lawyers paid by the word?)

Two screen captures - and the notion of glide-and-slice begging of a basic question, words as friends to some, enemies of others - click each image to enlarge and read; highlighting added:

You can put all the sophistry in the world into all the other 300+ pages, but "on campus" on the first page is a telling thing, given events off campus were the basis for keelhauling the five dismissed black athletes.

You can put sophistry into whatever, but when "criminal activity" or "criminal conduct" is mentioned, the words have precise meaning. A "crime" happened if after a trial or a plea deal a charging prosecutor gets judicial closure, that a crime happened. No trial, no plea, with all the due process dressings required; no crime. Only claims, allegations, denials, and for criminal convictions to happen the prosecutorial authority has to believe a crime happened with enough probable cause for such a belief, or he/she should not file charges. No charges were filed. Over an OFF CAMPUS set of circumstances where there was contention and denials, and defenses against criminal liability asserted; i.e., a defense by multiple parties and witnesses asserting consensual sex with multiple partners by an inebriated woman without any proof of record that she was too inebriated to consent.

How it was.

Sophistry aside, how it remains. And paper over things while the main problem now is at Johns Hopkins, because university students need learning experiences, this, and the firing of the head coach to replace his winning with a cheerleader yet to win a post-season bowl game; those things represent learning experiences. Got your learning, pay library fines and move on, others are in line and waiting.

Is there not a simple answer? At least a partial one?

A few days ago, this link highlighted suicide ratess among the young; in our US of A; this excerpt:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a new report on youth suicide, and the results are shocking. In just an eight-year period from 2007 to 2015, the suicide rate for teen girls between the ages of 15 and 19 have doubled, and authorities aren’t really sure why that is.

The new rate of 5.1 suicides per 100,000 people represents a 40-year high. In 1975, the rate was 2.9, and it increased to 3.7 in 1990 before dropping to 2.4 in 2007. But for some reason, the numbers have suddenly risen. And boys that age haven’t fared well either, seeing their suicide rate jump by more than 30 percent, from 10.8 to 14.2 per 10,000 individuals.

[...] “Suicide is a serious public health problem that can have lasting harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities,’ the CDC states. “While its causes are complex and determined by multiple factors, the goal of suicide prevention is simple: Reduce factors that increase risk (i.e. risk factors) and increase factors that promote resilience (i.e. protective factors).

With that site lacking any link to an online original source, the value of the remainder of the item beyond the excerpt is nearly useless.

However, it was notice, and websearch found other reporting. Readers are urged to attempt to find the referenced report online; while reporting links include HuffPo, CNN, and PressTV.

It is easier to explain than the media outlets mention. Put yourself into the position of a young person looking forward to fifty years of the crap the people who run the NWO and this nation's part of it; including the politicians they own in DC; that entire DC cesspool of consultants, generals, bought politicians, co-opted regulators, and hustlers of other stripes; and look at the greed collectively put under the loose rubric "Wall Street," and how the Occupy movement got put down smacking hard universally across the nation; then as a youth foreseeing fifty more years of that shit might you not then head for the railroad tracks?

In short, we owe the young of this nation a better future. The policy positions advocated by Bernie Sanders resonate among the young of the nation for an easy to understand good reason. Justice is better to anticipate than same old same old screwing with Paul Ryan the poster child of that status quo dark scenario.

Bleak perspectives lead to bleak conduct, and if any bull-shitter is really "PRO-LIFE" these are real and actual lives in being, and focus there before laddering out that embryo brand of crap. If sincere, and "PRO-LIFE" what the hell is holding you back?

I mean you, Abigale Whelan. I cannot understand you but I know we in the district can do better. You nailed down that legislative paycheck, Jesus must love that cashflow, but how about earning it?

UPDATE: Tune time. Encore?

FURTHER: Resilience.

screen capture source

Monday, August 14, 2017

Yesterday, Aug. 13, 2017, Vanity Fair had a severe case of Trump fever.

Tempertures rose, then the fever broke in cold sweat, where you can read the reporting here and here.

Trump Soho, plus an interesting link in one item to Richard Branson and five unnamed individuals.

Many names might come to mind, as well as, "Only five?"

In thinking of New York City figures of ill-repute, in fact or fiction, an interesting Facebook listing, here. As to artful dealing, might a Saudi yachtsman be on the bleeding edge of Trump ire?

And in all of things, Mike Pence is as loyal to Trump as a frog waiting to be kissed into something bigger. By a one-on-one dinner guest? Not likely if believing things the man says. By a transition team member, of which there were many, but few exceptionally well placed to retool a frog.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

And then, there is George W. Bush, portrait painter.

This link.

"We regard Ivanka Trump the way we do half-wit Saudi princes."

Of course you are free to regard her differently. Headline above is a sub-head from here. More product lines than thoughts? Perhaps. Would many product lines be needed?

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Zero Hedge online. Wikipedia. Video, here and here. Shia suffering.

This video.


Ron Paul. RT, here, and here. So - RT in cahoots with Ron Paul? That seems unlikely. More RT.


Vox, here, here.

Do your own websearch = Al-Awamiya seige

Here is one.

Do a websearch = Al-Awamiya seige cnn fox New-york-times washington-post msnbc This might be in the return list.

Do that last search adding: Reuters Associated-Press. Further and further from Saudi abuse against a Shite populace within its borders, the more mainstream press outlets you add to searching. And why is this not "news?" Sunni-Shia happenings in Iraq were better covered.

Figure it out.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Don't block the way for news delivery, with individualized doubt or questioning. Keep messages on track and repeated. Rachel Maddow and Trump and the Russians; now that's news, else it would not be repetitive. Would it?

The one in the blue tie is an idiot.

Foxy con.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Heads will roll?

Screencapture from here.

And if Occupy had not perished with a push and a whimper, there'd have been Kent State - Jackson State redux. These insecure despots, a/k/a "friendly" oil, pass Draconian measures, and chop heads. Welcome to the 21st Century; 7th Century style. But what would our National Guard do, again? Teach the children what follows if the velvet glove fails. Unless and until citizen action can alter the dour status quo. Here, there, everywhere - at least that is the hope. No fraud. No "HOPE" but actual hope. Real and not bogus sloganeering. Lower case lettering will do for the legitimate thing.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Anyone Can Legally Say “Eat Shit, Bob!”

We all can say it. Tweet it, because it's fewer than the max number of characters.

This link to download a pdf of a Scribd-posted item.

And do not take my word for the headline. The ACLU says so, p.5 of the download[scribd item].

And to a coal baron? Sure. And say it twice. Get a nuisance suit if millions watch it; the bet being Big-Time Bob does NOT sue me. If sued, there is venue to debate.

Grab on and kiss, Bob.

Image source, HuffPo telling the story, online here.

UPDATE: ACLU, telling the story, a web post apart from court filings. What if one of the comments were, "Kiss my Bob, Bob?" That would require an intermediate inference before running to the courthouse, papers in hand.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Seattle in a B.C. forest fire haze.

They really need a few days of August rain to wash the air clear. With the mountain pattern in the Puget Sound area, summer weeks without rain, add perhaps a thermal inversion, and the air can get foul. Part of the Seattle lore is it's always raining, partly true, frequently being the word; but not when you really need it.

Mercenaries murdered Iraqi citizens in a most brutal way, and get an appellate freebie; courtesy of the willing D.C. Circuit.

This link. The Head Merc, Erik Prince, is an apparent sociopath. For profit.

In dark ways. From a Dominionist family, or not?

Friday, August 04, 2017

Do not fault someone when they're right. Do not forget when they're wrong.

Right, Peter Tosh, the Legalize It album cover, and Cory Booker gets it right:


Wrong and living it, loving it. As befits the selfie.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Does a whore have to explain herself?

Apart from the headline question, Tom Emmer has under his name, a Strib op-ed. Longer than necessary. We understand Tom.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Explain to me again why I should trust Patty Murray in this hunker-in with Lamar Alexander to do in single payer?

Politico reports on the pair of perps.

This screencapture from here, back then, and guess what:

So now Patty Vote-Big-Pharma Murray rides in on a white horse to fix things.

Bet pharma gouging of us all is OFF THE TABLE FROM THE GET-GO. As with the Obama variety of Romneycare for the insurance industry, the mess that Murray-Alexander will tart up a bit and say with applause from Senate colleagues, "Done and we can move on." Expect that sell out.

Hope it is not so. But expect what is to be expected. Smoke and mirrors, and pharma price gouging being left standing; business as usual.

Trust the Sanders-Klobuchar vote Murray cast to show who Murray can be expected to be. Her and Cory Booker.

Poor Phizer. Shed a tear for Phizer.

This Reuters link.

A separate Reuters story, passing winds.

Could a "symphony" be an anti-trust violation if each musician is an independent contractor but the music for all is the same?

This link. Great harmony out of Wall Street would ignore the rest of us, or at least that argument could be made. Not a mainstream media thing, off in the specialized trade press; after all each musician is an obvious specialist and the rest of us might never hear any of the music at all. To our detriment, or just pay attention to "them Russians?"

"Them Russians," yes web-readers, do attend to that unfolding drama; with little time for a websearch related to clearly lesser concerns. Ask those fanning the anti-Russian patriot flames; no other patriot flames ought to matter they'd assure you.

Qatar. Entangling trade alliances? What has the WTO to do with regional one-upmanship? Between sovereign nations has sovereignty been compromise or bargained away, or perhaps tamped somewhat down in reach? [UPDATED - Emerates responds.]

A sign of what might have been, had TPP not been stomped upon so heavily that it lost its life? Al Jazeera online, here, opening paragraphs:

Qatar has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) to challenge a trade boycott by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

By formally "requesting consultations" with the three countries, the first step in a trade dispute, Qatar triggered a 60-day deadline for them to settle the complaint or face litigation at the WTO and potential retaliatory trade sanctions.

"We've given sufficient time to hear the legal explanations on how these measures are in compliance with their commitments, to no satisfactory result," Ali Alwaleed Al Thani, the director of Qatar's WTO office, told the Reuters news agency on Monday.

"We have always called for dialogue, for negotiations, and this is part of our strategy to talk to the members concerned and to gain more information on these measures, the legality of these measures, and to find a solution to resolve the dispute."

later in the item -

The text of Qatar's WTO complaint cites "coercive attempts at economic isolation" and spells out how the blockading countries are impeding Qatar's trade rights.

The disputed restrictions include bans on trade through Qatar's ports and travel by Qatari citizens, blockages of Qatari digital services and websites, the closure of maritime borders and prohibition of flights operated by Qatari aircraft.
Qatar rejects renewed calls to fulfill neighbours’ demands

The complaint does not put a value on the trade boycott, and Al Thani declined to estimate how much Qatar could seek in sanctions if the litigation ever reached that stage, which can take five years or longer in the WTO system.

"We remain hopeful that the consultations could bear fruit in resolving this," he said.

Not in it for the money; a matter of principle?

UPDATE: This Reuters link, summarizing Emerates' position.

Ryan Lizza.

Storyteller. Online, New Yorker, online: here and here. No excerpt, no quote here. At a guess the man is a baseball fan.

Politoco headline: "Graham troubled by report of Trump’s role in son’s Russia meeting response."

This link. I went into reading it thinking it was going to be Billy. A leading quote:

[...] Graham said Tuesday that reports that President Donald Trump personally dictated his son’s misleading statement regarding a meeting last summer with a Russian attorney “bothers me a lot,” as do the president’s regular requests that the Senate do away with the legislative filibuster, a non-starter according to the South Carolina lawmaker.

Still, Graham (R-S.C.) indicated that the possibility still existed for Trump’s presidency to “still be very consequential” if the president is able to refocus on healthcare and other legislative priorities.

"Still" three times in the same sentence? Politico must have been hot to post the story ahead of WaPo and others.

Alternatively, perhaps staff contraction got rid of proofreaders.

UPDATE: The Hill, online here:

The president’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, refused to speak about details regarding Trump’s involvement with the statement.

“Apart from being of no consequence, the characterizations are misinformed, inaccurate, and not pertinent,” Sekulow said in his statement to The Post.

The lawyer could have made that a tweet, but perhaps did not have character-counting software on his workstation. One of those lawyerly triads, "misinformed, inaccurate, not pertinent," where we can recall how "life, liberty and happiness" was an appropriation, by a lawyer in his writing, from John Locke's "life, liberty and property," which actually expresses more clearly what America seems to be about, at least in our times and probably as much or more so, in Jefferson's.


Thinking about a crowdsource, a social website, Trumpet.

It would differ little from Twitter, but you could post a trump, or even a winning trick trump, or at best, a game winning trump play.

That way, basing it on bridge terminology, there's a defense against misappropriation of a brand name.

The other thought, a TV show, "The Mooch." It would be a take-off on The Apprentice and named after one.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Grab 'em by the Trump Jr.

This link.

This Trump administration: The next communications director, experienced. [UPDATED]

He is the lumberjack and he's okay.

UPDATE: Suck up.

Make Scaramucci great again.

Just saying . . .

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The McCain vote after an aggressive brain cancer diagnosis is reminiscent of Lee Atwater's recantation on his death spiral, where it seems Atwater earlier suggested GHW Bush run against Willie Horton instead of Mike Dukakis, and GWH Bush said, "Run with it, Willie's our ball carrier."

No links. You remember things or you don't.

Not needing any Betsy DeVos voucher from all of us to her already enriched benefit, Rebekah Mercer homeschools her children. Apparently she admirably eschews taking that next logical step from the DeVos voucher position, "I homeschool, cut me a taxpayers' check."

photo credit

Can you imagine the education the young tykes are getting? Ann Coulter as a substitute teacher? Robert Mercer can cut big checks, and with integrity comparable to Ted Cruz, Coulter likely would take the job were it suitably offered.

Perhaps the Mercers would hesitate to pull that trigger. Coulter being Coulter after all.

UPDATE: Politico, here; second paragraph.

FURTHER: Same item, sixth paragraph. When it gets to naming names . . . what have the Mercers done for trump, lately?

A surprise. Trump gives crass speech. To boy scouts. Were they there in uniform? Showing off merit badges?

Only a screen capture.

Time to transition, Trump and Pence to trump and pence. And ryan. Forfeiting the right to upper case lead letters seems in vogue in these times. jarad.


Editorial imperative, no capital "b". As with, "bannon." Or "great again."

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________

Please, get rid of that capital "b" in the logo. It's unmerited. Overinflated. Unearned.

On the other hand, there might be news to . . .

. . . drivers envisioning a plannerless future.

Is it not great to be great again? As great as the nation was . . .

Who put an Apprentice into the White House? Same mood and beliefs as put a Gipper there, a Nixon, a Bill Clinton. An Abigail Whelan into the legislature. A Michele Bachmann into Congress. A Newt Gringrich anywhere.

If the nation ever had quality and class, it's gone. Or never was. Sorry but option three is nonexistent.

A saying used to be, "Think it over." Not "Tweet over it." Downhill is clear, where the bottoming out is, that's next year's question, give or take a few years.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Fascists are as fascists do.

The new Foxconn factory will stretch 20 million square feet, the size of 11 football fields — and Wisconsin will shell out serious cash for it, if all goes according to Gov. Scott Walker’s plan.

On the table is up to $3 billion in state tax breaks. The Legislature could approve the economic incentive package as early as August.

These payouts, state officials said, come with lofty expectations. As long as Foxconn — an electronics titan that makes gadgets for Apple, Google and Amazon, among other firms — keeps hiring U.S. workers at the new flat-screen manufacturing facility, Wisconsin would cut the company $200 million to $250 million a year for up to 15 years.

That works out to a rough cost to the state of about $230,700 per worker, assuming the factory goes on to generate 13,000 jobs.

The coming plant represents a political victory for Walker, who bills himself a jobs creator and who faces re-election next year, as well as for President Donald Trump, who has made U.S. manufacturing central to his economic agenda.

Buying elections leads to buying factories and jobs? From the Chinese? From Chinese fascists. With taxpayer money. Crazyland. What would Ron/Rand Paul say?

Given the contested issues, don't take normal deposiitons. Interrogate them.

This link.

Well, it is an interesting exigesis, and then there is the "Where was Bernie during Occupy" dimension when Bannon was allowed free uncontested rein to demonize the most necessary of events and proto-movements.

Occupy was put down with police brutality nobody mentioned, and now nobody on the press or politician inside mentions Occupy either. Go figure.

The essay critical of Bernie, here. The book, this link. There is that lingering feeling, a young Bernie delegate to the national convention from Minnesota who I grew to respect from little contact expressed it as feeling betrayed. Ellison gave a solidarity speech early at that convention, and was deluded into thinking of an uncontested DNC leadership role. And then, what a whopping balloon drop. Every balloon in the nation consigned for the event except ones lacking red, white, or blue color. They stayed on the toy shelf. But wow! So many balloons with "STRONGER TOGETHER" belted out the PA system, in all its subtlety. What an event. Bill and Hillary together. On state.

That lingering feeling is why Justice Democrats has an appeal as strong as the better funded and promoted "Our Revolution." Who is who, and can we find agendas beyond an agenda are questions that can bog down an army. The essay seems to say most of what a book would say, yet there is a book, same author:

The naysayers may have their say. Yet - Hope for each, Our Revolution and Justice Democrats; else there is no hope. Tune time. Hello, Jarad. Is that a whiff of an Ivanka perfume on you?

UPDATE: Nina Turner.

Two Three more, here, here and here. Gee. Any guess you'd see Jerry Springer at the Nissan plant?


1. It is not a "fake news" joke.

2. History is important, when considering Jerry Springer - Nina Turner.

A Counterpunch link.

JULY 28, 2017 - Enter Scaramouche, Stage Right - by ANDREW LEVINE - online here.


Here. Then, here.

A lot of inner party dolts had a vote back then. Broom time is coming. It cannot be soon enough.

Nancy Pelosi, crowing over a vote in the other chamber, lacks knowledge of the words: single payer. The lady needs teaching.

The best teaching is around primary time.

A link. Find there the word "single" or the word "payer" on that link, and win a bobblehead for your collection. 100% plastic, washable, will break if hammered hard will melt with heat.

This link, entry marked 5:40 a.m. "Update and improve" wording used about a legislated sop to the insurance industry, big pharma, and rapacious provider types - Romneycare and never forget that. Dump such language, say "single payer" or get out of the way yesterday.

Will melt with heat. Will break if hammered hard. Primaries await the deserving ones.

UPDATE: What a coincidence, writing "deserving ones," checking again that 5:40 am entry; Shumer mentioned.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Praise for a title using the past tense.

This link. Keep it to the past tense, together.

Yup. If they start jumping I'll be there laughing.

Foxconn in Wisconsin. Do factory robots jump?

Freezing fares, trimming the planners was an option for some reason off the table. Why?

Q. How many Met Council planners does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Do any know how?

Perhaps too harsh. But all that regular and locally costly comp plan stuff with the iron fist in the velvet glove propaganda that local control matters, and with Lake Elmo as history, casts its light on Met Council's relationship with those metro towns to which it dictates. An unfavorable light. Town planning staffs, they're happy, taxpayers, well . . .

Hello, Lake Elmo.

For context, Strib here and here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Given a name, will it sell or will there be rebranding?

The Nation, here. Links in the excerpt are from the original item:

The University of Chicago Stigler Center’s three-day conference asked: “Does America Have a Concentration Problem?” A sufficient response to this could be “go outside.” Virtually every major sector in our economy has been whittled down to a few major players. Two companies produce nearly all of America’s toothpaste. One, Luxottica, produces nearly all the sunglasses. There are four cable and Internet providers, who have divvied up the country and rarely compete. There are four major airlines. There are four major commercial banks. There are four major Internet platforms—Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google—controlling your information flow, your data, and your virtual life.

[...] A new group of scholars and activists has rebelled against Chicago-school dictates. You can call them the “New Brandeis movement.” Louis Brandeis, before reaching the Supreme Court, advised President Woodrow Wilson in the election of 1912, condemning “the curse of bigness” and favoring breakups of those trusts that the Sherman Act had yet to dismantle. Under Wilson, Congress closed Sherman Act loopholes with the Clayton Antitrust Act and created the Federal Trade Commission to combat monopoly power. As Brandeis wrote, “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

“America was founded to provide people the wherewithal to protect ourselves from enslavement,” said Barry Lynn of the open-markets program at the New America Foundation. Perhaps nobody in the New Brandeis movement has done more than Lynn to revive the Progressive-era conception of monopoly as a danger to American liberty. “Anti-monopoly, from the Boston Tea Party onward, was one of the key tools that we the people used to keep ourselves free,” he said.

[...] The Chicago school, perhaps through its rigidity, has begun to lose its grip on antitrust theory. The Obama Council of Economic Advisers started taking antitrust seriously last year in a series of reports. Justin Pierce, a Federal Reserve economist, presented his research at the conference that manufacturing mergers are associated with price markups of between 15 and 50 percent without any statistically significant effect on productivity, undermining even the base Chicago-school case. Senator Elizabeth Warren gave remarks on concentration in July: “Today, in America, competition is dying.” Senators of both parties are pushing for more aggressive antitrust enforcement. Renata Hesse, briefly the acting head of antitrust at the Justice Department, gave a powerful speech last September dismantling Chicago-school interpretations.

But few of these battles played out face-to-face. And the New Brandeis movement’s challenge left the Chicago school with few friends. Richard John, a history professor at Columbia University, derided the subverting of Sherman’s vision for ideological interests, arguing that the Chicago school “remains intent on reclaiming the past to invent the future.” Former Obama officials like Peter Orszag and Austan Goolsbee were unwilling to line up with the “nothing to see here” crowd. “There are cracks in the aqueduct and it will split soon,” said Barry Lynn.

[...] In other words, the New Brandeis school’s forward assault can do more than change politics. It can change minds.

[italics added] So, "New Brandeis" must look at "Old Brandeis," the man himself in the Wilson, Jekyll Island, WW I, Smedley Butler, Palmer Raids history, and in light of that, is it a good name or not so good? Surely something is wrong when cable bills are so high and the bundled packages are so full of forced-on-us dreck. Somebody's policy is shorting us big time, but Louis Brandeis was not Paul Revere, or was he? History of those times seems unclear and given short shrift in our national educational structuring.

UPDATE: Where was Brandeis, what was his role, when this was passed - something keeping Snowden in exile? Along with two Presidents - two Parties - declining a pardon for Snowden. Answers to questions are seldom as clean and clear-cut as the asking.

FURTHER: Unanimous Supreme Court decision.

"If you follow the discourse in the American newspapers and financial news outlets, you would notice that most of the discussion on the possibility that Iliad, the company controlled by Niel, could enter the U.S. market by buying T-Mobile is centered on the price offered to shareholders that apparently wasn't high enough to conclude a deal. This is the common American approach: to focus on the "value" created or destroyed by companies in the eyes of shareholders. But when prices of companies such as AT&T, Verizon or T-mobile rise, is it really a value that is being "created" or rather only extracted from consumers? After all, these are mere utilities companies from which most of their profits are from rent-seeking derived from the concentration in the market and regulatory protection -- and not from innovation in products or processes. What are the negative externalities that high prices of Internet connection or mobile connection have on the U.S. economy? What could be the positive externalities on the U.S. economy if it were leading the world in low communication prices?"

The extended headline is from here, and the inevitable conclusion is we citizens of the US of A are being screwed by telco/cable pirates and that the regulators are in bed with them against us, and it has been so under Democrats and now under Republicans, and how can one say it is dissimilar to the healthcare crap we have had shoveled onto us? Cooption of erstwhile regulators has been an endemic problem in the nation. And atop that, the Creature from Jekyll Island. We are being plucked.

Trump and his billionaires; the Clintons and their slush. There was no difference beyond Trump projecting as if likable, Ms. Clinton not bothering.

Tom Perez thinks things these ways are fine. Tom is a problem, not anyone's solution to anything except for the exploitative oligarchs.

Any questions?

Any answer? How about, don't get mad get even.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why does "A Better Deal" not ring like "An Honest Deal?"

Websearch. This item.

Get with it or keep losing? Throwing dirt at Trump is not a policy. Rather it is a tactic. Putting heat to Paul Ryan's nastiness would be a happier thing.

Crap like this thing, do a word search for "single." Do a word search for "payer." Do a word search for "Wall Street." Not there, because the op-ed author does not care. Broom time? Why not?

Other missing words: tuition and student.

Also, missing is the phrase, "Feel the Bern." Also, "Revolution," ours, anyone's. Pablum is as pablum tastes.

Chip of the Beast?

This link. What about the forehead? Something for a second confirmation assurance during an iris scan. A new way to handle driver's licenses? Vast opportunities.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Globe and Mail. Opening quote, "Canadians often make the mistake of viewing U.S. health care through the prism of our own (semi-) universal system, where everyone gets treated more or less in the same fashion. The concept of one-size-fits-all health care is antithetical to the ethos of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans see health care as a status symbol, like big houses and expensive cars. Even most Americans who support some form of public health coverage for the poor shudder at the thought of a Canadian-style system where everyone waits in the same line and no one, regardless of income, gets to jump the queue. That’s fine for 'other people' but not them." [UPDATED]

This whole-item context. For an insight into the truth of that headline-quote observation, follow the link in the post below this one. For more context on that linked item in the prior post, look here, scrolling to the Magerman quote for the gist, then scan the entire thing. Perhaps wrong, I see robber barons and politician purchasers as having negative social value. I doubt that's a wrong view, however. I see Mr. Mercer and daughter as a disease.

In fairness, "disease" might be too harsh or precise a judgment, make it "some form of pathology." The added ambiguity does not hurt the thrust of the thought.

Robert and Rebekah Mercer are heartless thugs, with money. If social, moral conscience were to be the measure each merits life in prison without parole.

Do read that Globe and Mail item. It is short, clear, and sobering. Thugs at work rigging both sides of the health provision/consumption equation. Thugs like the Mercers. Like the UnitedHealth CEO and/or its board chairman. Any Senator or Representative not 100% behind single payer should be replaced. A better system than "Slime Prospers" is needed, but don't wait for the new Trump communications coordinator to say so. He prospers.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


This link.

Angie Craig. This ain't no phoenix, DCCC. It's what got the party where it is and it's what can keep it there. Ashes stay ashes, no magic, no hope, no sense to it.

It is reassuring when a voice you generally regard as sound says something you've already postulated as sound.

Only this link.

No excerpt.

It speaks for itself. Well and thoroughly. Read it.

Angie Craig is yesterday's fish; unrefigerated. A leftover. No dynamism, no populism, no progressive bone in her body. Money and ambition with little else, you cannot deny such traits as her base Gestalt, traits to find in abundance in the GOP which did not cut it against, will not cut it, should not cut it.

She is Tired Tom Perez of the other gender.

And the story at that link goes beyond Angie's appeal, such it be, to Jeff Erdmann, with this image leading the post:

It is telling when the best thing to say of Angie Craig is, "MEET JEFF".

If the nation were to repeal Romneycare and substitute Putincare, what would that be? What healthcare program does Russia have?

No links. Just the question. Go search the web if you care for the question enough to wonder about the answer.

With the new White House spin meister replacing Sean S. it is tune time yet again.

This tune link.

Real news? Is a manure spreader news? To whom?

UPDATE: The Mercer-Breitbart version will  not  be laid on with a trowel, but by using a front loader. Be ready for "buried in it day-in, day-out."

FOX being stressed to keep up with:

The IQ90 News

How would you expect FOX to repackage what's packaged FOX-style at the start?

UPDATE: Six months ago, everyone's friend, a truth, since Spicer said so to the press. In Britain the term is "minister without portfolio" which term would fit Scaramucci then, but now would fit Spicer.

FURTHER: Globe and Mail op-ed.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bunny news?

Boston Herald, this item:

Now that he’s officially submitted his resignation as press secretary, Spicer can make boatloads more money in the private sector. In fact, the owner of a legal brothel in Nevada, The Bunny Ranch, has already made an offer for a spot on his public relations team.

If that job offer doesn’t float his boat, Spicer can always join a cable news outlet as a high-paid commentator. Not a bad gig. Just ask Jason Chaffetz, who recently quit his day job as a U.S. Rep. to join Fox News as a contributor. The pay’s better, with less day-to-day stress doing battle with anti-Trump reporters at the daily White House press briefings.

Spicer tweeted yesterday he’ll stay on as press secretary through August. That’ll give his replacement, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, time to ramp up as well as give newly tapped Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci time to revamp the administration’s overall messaging. A task long overdue.

With Trump’s approval rating lower than any of the last four presidents at the same point in their term — an anemic 38 percent, per Gallup’s latest polling — Trump was smart to shake up his communications team.

Spicer is not the only celeb on the release that got a Bunny Ranch offer. This item:

O.J. Simpson officially has his first post-prison job offer ... from a Nevada brothel who says they're willing to let the juice run loose all over their establishment.

There's just one problem ... some of the working girls at the place have thrown a penalty flag, threatening to quit if O.J. is hired at their place of business.

TMZ Sports talked with Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada, and he told us he's got a position all ready for O.J. when he's released, which could be as early as October 1.

Hof says O.J. would work as a greeter in the establishment, and be able to live on the premises of the ranch as long as he's employed.

"One of the conditions of a prisoner being granted parole is always having an established place to live and a job to go to, and I can offer O.J. both of those in a unique situation."

Now, with that in the recent news, what are you supposed to wonder about the new guy? NBC News reports:

Prior to founding SkyBridge, Scaramucci was the co-founder of Oscar Capital Management and a vice president at Goldman Sachs.

He hasn't previously served in government and dodged questions Friday on how he plans to work with Trump, who often usurps his own communications team. The president, Scaramucci said, is "the best communicator" in the White House.

"I love the president and the president is a very, very effective communicator," Scaramucci said. [...]

Scaramucci was raised in a working-class Italian family in Long Island, New York — not too far from Trump's childhood stomping grounds in Queens, where Scaramucci’s father was a construction worker, according to his book, "Hopping over the Rabbit Hole: How Entrepreneurs Turn Failure into Success."

In the book, Scaramucci recalls working odd jobs to help fund his college education — with his father also pitching in for his schooling — and struggling to balance his working-class roots with big-city dreams.

"Coming from a middle-class Italian American family on Long Island, you were always fighting for people to take you seriously. When someone slighted you, you remembered it," he wrote. "Embarrassment and shame were the worst feelings of all."

Well, despite the "Rabbit Hole" book title, Scaramucci has not been noted as having any Bunny Ranch job offer in line with his skill set, that clearly being a slight and an embarrassment to be remembered.

My favorite Bunny? Rebekah Rabbit, who also is not reported with any Bunny Ranch job offer.

Rebekah Rabbit is distinct from Rebekah Sea Owl, as prey, not predator.

Bunny Background, and the guy never looked better.

It depends on how you define "meetings?"

Go figure. Were "conversations" "meetings" or in some formal sense, encounters only, but with words exchanged? Must a "meeting" be something planned in advance and discoverable as an entry within some subpoenaed desk calendar or e-calender on the iPhone?

It's reminiscent of the Bubba "never had sex with that woman" delving into word meanings. At least Sessions never had sex with the Russian Ambassador, so far as the record currently shows. And it seems nobody in any DC authority position is asserting any such encounter.

This WaPo link, so what's a "meeting???"

There would be no howl of unfairness were Sessions jettisoned and replaced with someone more sensible about marijuana legalization. While certainly a separate issue, two birds with one stone is an old adage worth liking in some situations.

There would be beauty if this former prosecutor were to be entangled in a "not to my recollection" weaseling around in testifying under oath, this excerpt from the WaPo item [link in original]:

Sessions appeared to narrow that assertion further in extensive testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June, saying that he “never met with or had any conversation with any Russians or foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election in the United States.”

But when pressed for details, Sessions qualified many of his answers during that hearing by saying that he could “not recall” or did not have “any recollection.”

A former U.S. official who read the Kislyak reports said that the Russian ambassador reported speaking with Sessions about issues that were central to the campaign, including Trump’s positions on key policy matters of significance to Moscow.

Sessions had a third meeting with Kislyak in his Senate office in September. Officials declined to say whether U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted any Russian communications describing the third encounter.

As a result, the discrepancies center on two earlier Sessions-Kislyak conversations, including one that Sessions has acknowledged took place in July 2016 on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention.

It appears the intelligence information is of a form without any "recollection" cloudiness over intervening time; whereas Sessions, he's navigating on his "recollection" which would not contradict the other evidence, but would impeach his ability to recall things; which is not a good trait for a sitting AG.

It looks as if Trump is wanting to Bork Mueller, and Sessions is in the way of Trump finding a sufficiently flexible and willing Bork to do that heinous job.

However, back to Sessions and his ability to recall being put into question, the linked item cited by the WaPo report states:

"I did not have communications with the Russians," Sessions said when asked whether anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign had communicated with representatives of the Russian government.

He has since maintained that he misunderstood the scope of the question and that his meetings with Kislyak were strictly in his capacity as a U.S. senator. In a March appearance on Fox television, Sessions said, "I don't recall any discussion of the campaign in any significant way."

Sessions appeared to narrow that assertion further in extensive testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June, saying that he "never met with or had any conversation with any Russians or foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election in the United States."

But when pressed for details, Sessions qualified many of his answers during that hearing by saying that he could "not recall" or did not have "any recollection."

In fairness to the man, I cannot recall specifics of unfavorable commentary I may have published here about Sessions; but again as with the DC happenings, there is the archive - evidence which recalls without error - and is hence more reliable than frail human abilities.

So, Sessions did as the intercepts said, and merely fails in memory.


Tell Zygi to cram it. Many, many, many resent still and opposed then the Wilfare given to the Jersey guy. Tell him.

It was bad use of public money but the trade unions wanted the intervening job opportunities and Dayton and other DFL'ers went along to get along.

Now overreaching by the owner of the team that grew its capital value vastly upon public money being so directed has the surprising audacity to say the public can get screwed because he wants all the revenue, regardless. Tell him this is Minnesota and not Bridgegate land, not Trump land, but better. Clearly, Zygi's got a major East-Coast attitude problem, call it greed for lack of a better term; greed coupled with an astounding chutzpah alien to the midwest (aside from the likes of Michele Bachmann).

Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial staff writes strongly about body cam policing policy.

This link. Earlier Crabgrass on the issue days ago, here. This other Strib item on the change atop the MPD, stating mid-item:

In 2012, then-Mayor R.T. Rybak picked her for the top job when Chief Tim Dolan retired, and she won the approval of the City Council. At the time, Rybak called her “a smart cop, a savvy administrator and a natural leader” and said she would make an exceptional chief.

But Harteau has publicly fought with city and state officials many times since then. In October 2013, she pushed back against a body camera proposal supported by Hodges and other council members, a month before Hodges was elected mayor.

[...] In a news conference 24 hours before resigning, Harteau tried to distance the department from the Damond shooting, calling it “one individual’s actions” and not representative of the force. She said the officers should have been recording with body cameras and that Damond “didn’t have to die.” [...]

With Mayor Hodges running for reelection, and with this latest fatal encounter with police involving a white person, there is room for conclusions which might be wrong. The cumulative nature of events likely is more a factor than race. And no body cam usage in this shooting, that is inexcusable and a strong policy would need to be top down with the police union either with it or bent down. Either way, the things were purchased for sound reasons and when not used in a fatal encounter with an unarmed person who'd summoned the police presence, things exceeded any acceptable level of police practice.

The officer who fatally shot the civilian in the latest incident had no criminal justice training, or apparently none, prior to making the force. Norms of use of deadly force need to be clear as policy, top down, and always any officer should reasonably be expected to be protective of the weapon and its use rather than enduring an excessive risk of personal injury or death. Drawing lines is difficult, but clearly they were not properly drawn and articulated with sufficient force as shown in the failure to use body cams - by either officer in the encounter, both of whom should be fired immediately. Not just the chief under the bus, but the pair of failing perps too.

Friday, July 21, 2017

One can see how Donald Trump identifies with V. Putin. Much as George W. Bush said he understood Putin's "soul" and could deal with him.

First, "soul brothers" of the talking tour; the too-easy use of Jesus by loose users using a "Christian" route to a whatever agenda:

“The reason why I said that is because I remembered him talking movingly about his mother and the cross that she gave him that she had blessed in Jerusalem,” Bush told Hewitt. “Nobody knows that, and I never tried to make an explanation of why I said what I said until the book.”

In the book, Bush writes that he interrupted Putin as the then-Russian President spoke from note cards and “seemed a little tense.” Bush asked whether the story of his mother giving him a cross was true, and writes that “a look of shock washed over Putin’s face.”

Putin then told the story of recovering the cross from a house fire and said that when a worker found the piece of jewelry it was as if it was meant to be. Bush writes that he remarked, “Vladimir, that is the story of the cross. Things are meant to be.”

But in his interview with Hewitt Monday, Bush said that Putin was “emboldened” by Russia’s resurgent economic outlook – spurred in large part by the rising price of oil – and by the fact that the U.S. was increasingly becoming a debtor nation, financing both government and consumer spending through careless levels of borrowing.

The first item Putin raised in their June 2001 meeting, Bush said, “was about Soviet debt saddling the Russian Federation.”

“At that point, oil was selling for $26 per barrel,” Bush writes in “Decision Points.”

But in a September 2007 meeting, with oil at $71 a barrel and “on its way to $137 in the summer of 2008,” Putin began by asking Bush about the performance of Wall Street created mortgage-backed securities owned by the Russian government.

So, Bush and Putin understood a shared worldview and if you watch this video you can see Trump joining the pair to make a troika of common Gestalt and means toward ends. Only Trump delegates his Jesus patrol to Godfather Pence. And Pence gets a press clean slate despite lying like a rug right after the Comey dismissal when he had to know the actual truth but thought he could sell a full sack to America? Jesus blessed and forgave the liars? Those playing with a rigged deck? In which Testament? Which Epistle?

At about 1:40 or so into that video, "That's not what this is about," lying in full disdain of the honed ability of most Americans to smell bullshit when closely exposed to it.

I probably need Abigale Whelan to explain the bona fides of this man to me.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Music Man.

Make America Great Again. Ain't Got No Home. Mr. Tangerine Man. And, folk singers age gracefully.

Nixon in his grave, "They never sang about me. Called me a crook. If Hunter Thompson were sucking air still, this East Coast guy'd have a harder time."

Bonus. Variation on a theme.

Corpse flower blooms again.

Read of the stench.

You remember, right?

The Horror.

Image from, here. Past coverage, here.


There's a story here, (an item), top "vendor" listings - the Treasury twice; Minnesota Dept. of Revenue. That's the 2016 election cycle, while for the 2014 cycle, online here, notable top "vendor" accolades to Holland and Knight ("... noted among 'Ones to Watch'") at eighty grand, the Treasury again, and "Cardinals Fec Compliance Services" Michele PAC ringing that bell at fourteen grand AND Bachman for Congress also ringing in at forty-two grand, 2013 expenditures, i.e., after 2012's shenanigans (aka Bachmann 2012; THE HORROR!).

That Strib report, mid-item, mentioned that in a 45min speaking stretch Bachmann opined:

“That’s what I see in Minnesota — too many people who are afraid of being called ‘racist,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘Islamophobe,’ ” Bachmann said. “I’m not afraid of it.”

[...] “In Minnesota, we have been marinated in political correctness so long we dare not even allow ourselves to think about cultural questions,” she continued.

For someone saying she's not afraid of much, the lady sure lawyered up heavily, and that's from spending fact and not from any "she said" stuff.

Lawyering up must be over one of those other "cultural questions" that do ring into a Bachmannian fear loop. Something substantial, beyond word usage.

Something aside from bigotry, Islamaphobia, or related words being of no threat to her, as she says. So, what is the lawyering up worry? Bigger than being viewed as a bigot; something with teeth to bite? Sticks and stones?

Well, tune time, and since it clearly has little to nothing to do with Michele Bachmann, clearly, it could be a separate post. But it's not.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nothing could be worse than four more Trump-Pence years. Nothing? Nothing!

Yard sign for a winning ticket, perhaps less monstrous, (perhaps more contrived) -

A former public defender authors an op-ed about policing, and civilian control of same.

This Strib link; this excerpt, beginning with naming the three people recently shot dead by police in the main metro area without a single cop body cam having been turned on:

Jamar Clark in Minneapolis. Philando Castile in Falcon Heights. And now Justine Damond — in Minneapolis, again.

For the record, I want it to be known that I object to being policed this way. As between the Minneapolis Police Department and the civilian authorities in my town, it is the civilians who must be in control, [...] It is well past time for our mayor and our City Council to assert their authority. They can start by firing our ineffectual police chief. After that, the City Council should take charge of a complete overhaul of the department.

Since the department can’t seem to hire and train anything but Blue Warriors, the council, rather than the department, should set the rules for what qualifies a person to become and remain a Minneapolis police officer. If the council doesn’t feel it has the expertise to micromanage how cops are qualified and trained, it can hire experts from foreign jurisdictions who don’t think of the citizenry as the people of an occupied country. The council should break up the entire command structure of the department, and demote, fire or reassign everyone in management, because these are the people who have stubbornly failed or refused to reform the culture of our paramilitary Police Department despite scandal after scandal.

[...] I’d like to think that a thorough overhaul of the Minneapolis Police Department and its policies will not be happening just because this time the victim is a white woman who holds citizenship in a predominantly white first-world country and who was shot in an affluent white neighborhood, rather than a black or American Indian person shot in downtrodden north Minneapolis. I’d also like to think that the police and the city won’t try to solve their PR problem by simply throwing the Somali-American police officer who shot Damond under the nearest bus. [...]

I am ashamed of my city, of its arrogant, hypocritical police force, and of its civic leaders [... including] judges and prosecutors of the Hennepin County District Court, who have tortured facts, law and logic to justify almost anything cops chose to do to the people that I spent 28 years bringing before them for justice.

Richard G. Carlson, of Minneapolis, is a retired assistant Hennepin County public defender.

Are there starting and ongoing psychological fitness tests? Could the police union be made responsible for paying from its dues pool the insurance costs for bad cop actions? Give them that kind of incentive to cull. Where an insufficient culling incentive presently seems to exist.

And would not the first step be putting teeth into body cam usage demands? With the second step being to train and require prosecutors to cease regarding the cops as "our clients?"

Then, curbing the rubber stamping of search warrants should be a reform of the bench. Decriminalizing minor drug offenses would eliminate much of snitch-cultivation, which is a perversion of orderly and proper policing. Last, formalizing plea bargaining in some standardized form would eliminate much of the conduct at the prosecutorial and judicial level that rightly has earned reproach.

Noteworthy as to the bargaining dilemma, there is the allegedly common prison comment, "I didn't have a lawyer, I had a public defender." Public defender case loading has led to the bargain-it or face maximum sentences mentality, and suitable funding of public defense would be needed to curb plea bargaining affronts.

Body cam footage in any litigated or prominent case should be a public document, so the citizens could better learn of some dimensions of some police conduct in interacting with the public as well as learning the degree to which police testimony might be rightly trusted during stints of jury service.

Imagine, alone, body cam footage of DWI field sobriety testing. It would not disarm all of the "As I approached the subject I detected the strong smell of alcohol, his speech was slurry and he was red-faced and belligerent" standard litany. A smell of alcohol, if any, could not be documented or discredited by any body cam. However, slurring of speech, facial appearance, and presence or absence of belligerence would be objective evidence which could not "misrecollect" over time. Those would be helpful things, as well as memorializing the conducting and results of field sobriety testing done outside of the subject's vehicle before any custodial detention decision is made.

In short, probable cause considerations would clearly benefit from universally demanded body cam usage.

Finally a former public defender should not be too myopic in casting criticism at others.

Hold up a mirror too.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The absentee town hall. But did you expect more than collecting the pay and mailing in the town hall?

This link. The Indivisible, for the Invisible:

Constituents in Northfield filled a town hall on Monday night seeking clarification on the positions of Rep. Jason Lewis, whose absence, not presence, defined the evening.

Hundreds poured into St. John’s Church in Northfield to voice their concerns and ask questions of their newly elected representative to Congressional District 2.

When asked to attend the town hall, Lewis declined, so event organizers prepared by carefully documenting the event for Lewis and even queuing up some of his responses from the campaign that were played on a projector for the crowd on hand.

In an interview with the Northfield News late last week, Lewis’s Communications Director, Stephen Bradford, pointed out that Lewis has been engaging in “telephone town halls” where a lucky few constituents are given the chance to ask questions of the representative and can voice their views by clicking buttons that align closest with their responses.

In a letter to the editor in the Star Tribune on Tuesday, Lewis indicated that he does, “not endorse a partisan, political point-scoring event filtering down from nationally-organized ‘Indivisible’ groups with handbooks from Democrat former staffers. I want a respectful exchange with those who want to be heard.”

No show because it might have been less than praise-filled back patting? There is distinction between a reason, and an excuse. So, is it an isolated thing, or a pattern?

Strib, here. Screenshots:

Telephone town halls? What's his worry, his record, a debt collector showing up, a process server, or some pidgeon wanting his/her money back?

I recall seeing the Trump University thing unfold as so much smoke and mirrors and cashflow out from folks into an empty gimmick, and saying to myself, "Trump University? That is just Deja vu,"

Contemplate, the difference between, "Missing In Action," and "Missing, Inaction." Hiya, Jason.

A losing Dem candidate wants to run again for Minnesota's CD2 seat. Rather than a middling second bite at the apple, what about an Our Revolution or Justice Democrats candidate?

What about a well contested primary? It would not hurt. Craig failed to defeat a talk show idiot, once, and what's the explanation a second shot would differ? Go for a progressive, or stay home and let the talk radio guy build years toward a government pension? What?

Strib reporting, here. The recollection is that there were two DFL wannabes, both middle of the road, Craig the lesser corporatist but still not a progressive. Why waste more time and effort on middling candidates?

If you want the full picture of the incumbent Craig failed to defeat, web search "" and reflect upon the outcome and Craig as candidate; against that.

Only a total huckster could launch Angie, you missed defeating a total huckster, so stand aside, drop out. This is sad stuff, from Strib's report:

In her announcement, however, Craig fixed her aim on Lewis, who she said has "marched in lockstep with President Trump and Congressional Republican leaders. The fight for health care is just one example — he voted to increase premiums and deductibles, to raise costs dramatically for older Americans and to cut coverage for millions of Americans — all to give a tax cut to the rich."

Lewis spokesman Stephen Bradford said in a statement that voters rejected Craig's "radical ideas" in 2016. He said Craig and other "very liberal candidates either obstruct real health care, tax and regulatory reform or veer hard-left with dangerous new schemes."

Two folks each in their sad and stupid way staking a lesser evil claim. We need a greater good - a progressive. A single payer progressive. A student debt reform progressive. An income inequality fixing progressive. Not a wealthy Dem candidate whose income distribution history has been cracker jack fine, for her.

BOTTOM LINE: Angie Craig needs a progressive primary opponent, and that's a big time need.

Again, this link, for present Strib reporting.

Angie, go away. There is a better person already committed to run, with policy aims where a belated Craig "me too" would not ring very true. Angie's aim seems more about Angie with a bit of fluff thrown in, less about strong progressive stances on issues. Running as "I'm the moderate, Jason's too extreme" did not move the voters. Compare that ballotpedia item, history preserved, to this clear set of ideals:

Click the thumbnail to read what candidate Jeff Erdmann puts first as policy aims, or better link over to the original page to read his entire belief set on issues:

That is clearly a sub-page of the Erdmann campaign website:

Jeff Erdmann's online contribution page; here.

Jeff Erdmann's volunteer page:

That last link has the snail mail address for the Erdmann campaign, if you want to mail a check as I will. Mine will be a multiple of $27.

PO Box 122 Rosemount, MN 55068

Erdmann seems less an early-retirement wealthy health-industrial-complex insider than Craig, more one of the people tired of an ineffective status quo and wanting to reform and improve things. More Wellstone to the man and to his beliefs. Could you rationally expect to ever see this from Angie Craig except if as a "me too" tactic, too little, too late:

As a disclaimer: There was no indication found of either an Our Revolution or a Justice Democrats endorsement, nor tie-in by Erdmann to either group. Just a sense of more fire-in-the-belly ability to take it to a clown like Jason Lewis than the medical device retiree did, or might.

The fact is, without a passing reference in the Strib item initially noted to Erdmann already being a candidate, his effort would have been under Crabgrass radar. His name in the item prompted this websearch, and lo, there already is the better candidate ready and willing and not a perhaps or a maybe again.

One can wonder, why Strib choose to feature a maybe-try-again corporatist Democrat with only a passing reference to an already landed and running individual with more promise. At a guess, Strib sees Craig as better placed to get beltway money, DNC and such, Wall Street cash backing, much as status quo Clinton spouses did while massive feeling the Bern went unreported in mainstream media. There is that as history, and Glen Taylor is mainstream Republican more than Tea Party, in being owner of Strib. Pay the piper and call the tune? Perhaps, perhaps not. In any event that one passing reference let the cat out of the bag, and deflated Angie Craig's balloon.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
The Jeff Erdmann volunteer link given above is a very important one. The man is not going to get any corporatist help, the effort will be to starve him for money and tout and fund Craig in another "okay whether she wins or loses" donor class attitude display; so that it will be ---

GRASSROOTS FOR ERDMANN or more of the same.

That would even serve as a good primary campaign slogan, but, aside from that, Craig/Erdmann in juxtaposition with Strib featuring the one and not the other goes to the heart of saving the Democratic Party from the worse of itself. Backing Erdmann early, with donations statewide and volunteer help in his district will be essential to trying to keep the Democratic Party relevant. Please help.

___________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Craig, 2016 run, financing. Craig, potential candidate, 2018 fundraising page.

In 2016 Craig was clearly the better choice of two; and would decisively have been an improvement, if elected, over Col. Klink. However, not elected. Were she now the incumbent, perhaps a differing analysis might have been written here. There would at least have been a track record to praise or critique. But she lost. To Jason Lewis. That seems the whole of the story.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Video. Erdmann. Craig. Neither is a bad candidate. But Jason Lewis has got to be moved; an incumbent now, while the seat was open last cycle with Col. Klink moving on after for-profit pseudo-colleges unconscionably running up student debt became a hot potato for the nuclear-football man.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Without knowing anything of the bona fides of the CROWDPAC website, there is a self-published statement of an independent Minnesota CD2 candidate, Jacob Cassidy, with a seeming progressive orientation, one readers should at this early stage note. If progressives push one another to better state detailed progressive agendas, good would result. Angie Craig differentiating her agenda from that of Lewis, and of progressives, would also prove helpful to voters. Generalities are the bane of gaining widespread informed voter judgment.

Monday, July 17, 2017


This WaPo link, this quote:

Coulter didn’t just slam Delta for moving her from her “PRE-BOOKED seat” with extra leg room (to another seat in the same row, according to the airline). She also documented the experience in photos and tweet after tweet, which she shared with her 1.6 million followers, not to mention the wider spectrum of people fascinated by things Ann Coulter does.

Big baffling question: How can a total joke like Ann Counter have 1.6 million twit followers? Don't people have real things to do? Don't they treasure their brief time on earth more than to do something as brain-dead stupid as being an Ann Coulter follower? Have we as a nation sunk that low that Trump is only the tip of the iceberg with 1.6 million twit followers for Ann Coulter representing the underwater body of the beast, a greater extent of national degradation than a blowhard TV personality in the White House with a Dominionist a heartbeat away and a clown in third place? 1.6 million people give a shit about Ann Coulter? No? Really?

Say it ain't so, Joe.

It should be a felony offense for any police officer on duty with a working body camera to not have it turned on in ANY encounter with a citizen.

This link explains why. If a city goes to the expense of a body cam program, after having reached a policy decision to go that way, there is simply no excuse for non-use. It is criminal that a woman was killed by a cop without any body cam record of the encounter in a city with bady cam usage required. If the cops can get away with this, why have the program? Put teeth into it. Make non-use in citizen encounters a felony, and let the courts deal with suggestions of extenuating circumstances or exculpatory factors. If body cams are issued or used on any shift in non-working condition the person responsible for quality assurance should have no job security beyond recourse to the courts. Any bargaining unit contract interfering with or compromising protecting the public via body cams should be held void as against public policy. No employer-union can, for cops, bargain away protection of the public from rouge or criminally stupid (aka grossly negligent) police actions. You issue a badge and firearm and powers, you have to keep reasonable checks and balances. The public deserves no less.

There is NO EXCUSE.

UPDATE: Even while buying a cup of coffee while on shift, the camera should be activated and recording the encounter. NO EXCEPTIONS.