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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Strib posts about Sept. polling results, "Most are 'alarmed' that other side might win presidential race."

This link. As an independent I am troubled by the thought either of those narcissistic sociopathic self-centered war mongers could be the nation's CEO. Shouldn't you be?

And Republican candidate Nolan West, was he home schooled? Ditto, Jason Lewis. Rewriting who they are and will be, because of the ugliness in their pasts.

We need viable third and fourth parties. Conservative, and progressive; and with such two new and vibrant parties, the tired twosome we now have vying to be the corporatist spoils taker, into the future as they currently are, worthless because each is owned at the Senate, House and Presidential levels by special interests holding sway above and beyond the public interest. Each is disgraceful that way. Independents unite! We have nothing to lose but the 10% approval ratings the public feels toward the power usages in DC. Also, get money out of politics. Foundations and brand-selling are international disgraces, as well as hoaxes. Clinton and Trump vying for Grifter in Chief. It is hard to have patience with such orchestrated schlock mischief. Puking time.

UPDATE: More Strib, here.

Each of these two bozos will neutralize one another down ticket. Look for the Gerrymandered districting we suffer to yield the results yielded in the past. Redistricting seems to have bipartisan support for drawing new lines that are even more favoring of incumbency over contest. What else should be expected of a duopoly? Look at Airbus and Boeing in the commercial aircraft market. New entrants with potential market clout are disfavored. So, we see the identical thing in the political candidacy market. Should we be surprised? Markets get rigged. It's the nature of the beast. It happens every day. The only difference is every citizen is a shareholder in the politics market. Just, some shareholders such as Goldman Sachs own way more shares.

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