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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hegseth being Hegseth. Judge by affiliations and pronouncements?

Besides Koch Brothers/ALEC:

Being Hegseth; two reports, here and here. The second item is arguably more judgmental; but do not presume I disagree.

Affilaitions? All the way to South Carolina, something to say on behalf of Astroturf Veterans' unquestioning love of Republicans of any kind, here (word search for "Hegseth), and here (gist of the affiliate).

UPDATE: Abuse of the editorial "we." Second item link about "Being Hegseth:"

During a segment that led off with Fox host Ainsley Earhardt asking, “Is the Somali refugee crisis now a terror crisis?” Fox contributor Pete Hegseth warned of the “incubation” of radical Islam in “radical mosques” in Minnesota, claiming that “the problem is that a lot of those communities have not assimilated the way we would want them to.”

WE? Him and his tapeworm? Who? Him and Roger Ailes? Him and either Koch brother? Who?

Tapeworm is my guess for referring to himself in the plural.

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