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Monday, January 11, 2016

If you missed the LWV SD35 Special Election Candidate Forum, and intend to vote tomorrow, the session is on YouTube.

This link for the LWV item, posted by QCTV. 

The forum runs for a bit over one hour in length. When accessed this morning 111 views were logged by YouTube. A low number. That was about the turnout at the session, live last week.

Four candidates participated. The Republican candidate going on to the Feb. 9 final election will be chosen by voting at tomorrow's Jan. 12 primary. The DFL endorsed candidate, Roger Johnson, is unopposed and will be on the Feb. ballot. Zach Phelps, Marijuana Now Party as a minor party candidate will not be on tomorrow's ballot.

The Republican endorsed candidate is Andy Aplikowski. After four GOP Inner Party caucus votes.

Jim Abeler also seeks the Republican Party spot on the final election ballot. (He was second in GOP SD35 Inner Party caucusing.)

Voting info: City of Ramsey Elections Page.

The Ramsey page includes much information. The Secretary of State's page for the SD35 special election is:

Full access info for each of the four candidates is lacking here, but below, alphabetically listed, are key links for each candidate on the contested Republican ballot side (remember that Minnesota is an open primary state, so any voter wanting to can vote on the contest between Abeler and Aplikowski).

Jim Abeler,_Jim

Andy Aplikowski
-- no Wikipedia page found --

This is the last item, as is, that will be posted on Crabgrass concerning the SD35 primary election. There will be a Feb. 9 final vote to elect the candidate who will fill the vacancy for the balance of the current Senator's term. (Between Jan. 12, and Feb. 9, there may be further Crabgrass posting.)

Voting is a privilege and a right. Please do not let the cold chill a full and balanced turnout.

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