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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Curious stuff.

The "Minnesota Watchdog" most recently has posted:

In the private sector, there is no "right to work." In fact, the whole concept is rather collectivist when you think about it.

Nobody has a "right" to work, either in a legal or a philosophical sense.

Show us in the Constitution where it says a man has a right to work.

No self-respecting conservative would claim there is a "right" to work at a certain place.

To state otherwise is to claim that one man, by force of government, has a claim to another man's resources simply because one owns a business entity and one man wants to work there.


No one has a right to work at a particular place of business.

The owner has a right to decide who will work at his business and under what terms.

How ironic that the same conservatives who decry the minimum wage support a "right" to work.

A man only has a right to sell his labor and another man only has the right to purchase that labor through an employment contract to which they mutually agree, free from force and fraud.

[italics added]

The place - the physical address and not the P.O. Box location - where John K. ostensibly "works" in Anoka County is where Harold Hamilton's Micro Control firm is headquartered (and has been headquartered for many if not all of its forty years of registered corporate existence); per Secretary of State online records here and here.

SoS filings are a place where misrepresentation, if any, can have consequences so that we presume each filing is truthful:

A rawhide chew toy for the woofer: Square that with the quoted commentary, please?

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