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Friday, February 13, 2015

With all the Wilfare being handed out, why not a boost in welfare?

This MPR link, among other things, reporting:

“The stunning reality for the task force is that this grant has not increased since 1986,” Webster said. “The grant in 1986 was $532 for a family [sic] three. Today it is also $532.”

The task force report recommends that the state shift about $70 million in federal funds from a working families tax credit and the state health department to cover the cost of the higher monthly grant.

The state would have to cover the cost of the shift, which would amount to about $70 million over two years.

Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, is the chief author of a bill to enact the task force recommendations.

She said she [sic] increasing the grants will help bring people out of poverty.

“This bill, I think is a good start,” Franson said. “The cash assistance has remained flat since 1986, and the buying power of 1986 isn’t exactly the same as it is in 2015.”

Franson said several other Republicans, including Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, and Tony Albright, R-Prior Lake, have signed on to her bill.

Gov. Mark Dayton did not include an increase in welfare assistance in his budget plan.

With "Don't feed the animals" Franson on board as chief bill author, it appears the reality of out-state poverty has sunk in, between March 2012 and now.

And that is good. A little Valentine love, for Friday the 13th.

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